Wednesday, January 04, 2006


Dr. Sanity is going to do a few "touch and go's around the mental health blogsphere (which I sometimes call the "psychosphere"!) this morning! It gives me a chance to see what my fellow mental health professionals are up to and what they are blogging about.

So, let's take off!

If you are are female and want to get away with murder, just head to Canada--so says Dr. Helen as she takes a hard look at Canada's attitude toward female criminals.

GM's Corner takes on the Herculean task of Diagnosing the Left and then has to deal with some angry and upset trolls.

The Assistant Village Idiot has been reading some books about the future and suspects that the masters of these new universes will have Asperger's Syndrome. This would not be good.

The MSM and the blogsphere are the topics of ShrinkWrapped's latest post as he critiques some not so subtle anti-blogging editorializing by the NY Times.

Shrinkette ponders the two faces of medicine; while Sigmund, Carl and Alfred yell out in unison, "It's the terror, Stupid!"

Finally, Neo at neo-neocon considers the road not taken; and Gagdad Bob at One Cosmos takes on the Moral Dementia of Deepak Chopra ( a major task!).

If I have left you out, feel free to let me know and the next time I go out and do a few touch and go's in the psychosphere, I'll be sure to include you!

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