Thursday, January 19, 2006


Is anyone surprised that Osama has picked up the main talking points of the Left and their MSM media outlets? He, too, seems as obsessed with American polls as those on the Left are to justify their positions.

Meanwhile, apparently aware that when the enemy of the U.S. parrots all their important Bush-hating memes, it is not a good thing--what do you suppose the first response of the lunatic Left is?

That's right! The Osama tape is all part of a plot by Bush to get the Patriot Act passed etc. etc. and so on toward infinite paranoia and delusion.

Walid Phares has some interesting thoughts on the Bin Laden audiotape.

The release of this tape so soon after the apparently successful U.S. attack in Pakistan that took out some high value Al Qaeda targets, can only mean one thing from a psychological perspective. Bin Laden knows his side is losing and is desperate to hide that fundamental truth from his followers and from his Western enablers.

He also knows that only by quickly and aggressively motivating his jihad base with more of the usual grandiose and psychotic rhetoric can he hold together his crumbling jihad.

One final thing that Osama understands is that as long as he has the clueless but very useful idiots of the Left--including those within the Democratic Party-- on his side and constantly working toward his goals; he still has fair chance to manipulate the U.S. into defeating itself.

Personally, I still tend to think that Osama himself is dead. But whether he is dead or alive, Al Qaeda's PSYOPS --like the Star War's "force"-- can have a strong influence on the weak-minded.

UPDATE: Neil Cavuto on FoxNews just reported that the stock market closed UP today even after Bin Laden's tape was released. Apparently the market hasn't been fooled by Bin Laden's talk of "truce" and don't see any reason to take what he says seriously.

UPDATE II: Apparently al-Jazeera did not translate Bin Laden correctly. According to MEMRI, Osama did not offer us a truce, he offered only to abide by one if WE offered a truce to him. Dream on.

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