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Dr. Sanity is going silent now and for the indefinite future.

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Monday, October 29, 2012


Less than a week after Halloween, the American electorate is scheduled to make a decision about what vision they prefer for America for the next four years and beyond.

One vision is based on a trick; an illusion (verging on a delusion) that asserts that more government control; more government spending; in short, MORE GOVERNMENT CONTROL over all areas of your life is the cure for our rising debt; rising health care costs; a declining economy; and a declining relevance in world events.

This vision promises lots of free stuff to those who believe in it, and these believers are secure in the knowledge that the rich are not paying their fair share and when they are forced by Obama to do so, the free goodies will never ever run out.

The majority of Democrats have bought into this leftist utopian fantasy. Obama is betting everything on it and doubling down by using trickster rhetoric that divides Americans into rich/poor, black/white, Hispanic/white, religious/atheist; male/female; gay/straight--any possible division that he can come up with. His supporters may scoff at the idea that he is a socialist, but his rhetoric is Marxist to the core, and that is his plan for America.

Romney and Ryan, by contrast, are a relative "treat." Personally, I have no illusions about Republicans and debt--Republicans in congress are as much to blame for our situation as Democrats. Nevertheless, Republicans at least express a deal of shame about it; and Ryan has been consistent in his leadership of dealing with debt, entitlements, and the fiscal catastrophe facing this country. His selection as VP candidate by Romney, in my opinion, was genius for two reasons: first, it demonstrated Romney's committment to fiscal responsibility and entitlement reform; and second, it showed that Romney knows how to pick quality people who can get things done. Both Romeny and Ryan appear to clearly understand the impact the burgeoning debt and collapsing economy will have on the next generation of Americans who will inherit it; and on America's future as a world leader.

So, what will it be? TRICK or TREAT? The Night of the Living Dead..Economy; or,The Pursuit of Happyness ? The former being a horror movie and the latter being a tale of personal success (You DID build it!).

It's up to you. So make sure you get out and VOTE.

[Political cartoons by Ken Catalino]

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Thursday, October 25, 2012


If you needed more evidence of the inherent hatred of humanity and life that is implicit (and explicit) in the religion of Islam, then read this article fron The Guardian:
The pickup halted in Kidal, the far-flung Malian desert town that is home to members of the Grammy award-winning band Tinariwen. Seven AK47-toting militiamen got out and marched to the family home of a local musician. He wasn't home, but the message delivered to his sister was chilling: "If you speak to him, tell him that if he ever shows his face in this town again, we'll cut off all the fingers he uses to play his guitar with."

The gang then removed guitars, amplifiers, speakers, microphones and a drum kit from the house, doused them with petrol, and set them ablaze. In northern Mali, religious war has been declared on music.

When a rabble of different Islamist groups took control of the region in April there were fears that its rich culture would suffer. But no one imagined that music would almost cease to exist – not in Mali, a country that has become internationally renowned for its sound.

"Music regulates the life of every Malian," adds Cheich Tidiane Seck, a prolific Malian musician and producer. "From the cradle to the grave. From ancient times right up to today. A Mali without music? No … I mean … give me another one!""Culture is our petrol," says Toumani Diabaté, the Malian kora player who has collaborated with Damon Albarn and Björk, to name but a few. "Music is our mineral wealth. There isn't a single major music prize in the world today that hasn't been won by a Malian artist."

And yet that is the bland reality dawning on this once joy-filled land. International observers claim the leaders of the three armed Islamic groups who now control the northern Malian cities of Timbuktu, Kidal and Gao are motivated by money and power rather the dream of a caliphate in the Sahel. There are strong ties between these groups and the less than holy interests of major drug-traffickers and arms smugglers.

But many of the mujahideen who have zoned in on the conflict from all over the Muslim world are fired by an unquestionable religious zeal. The same goes for Iyad Ag Ghaly, a Touareg strongman and born-again Salafist, who founded the Ansar-ud-Deen movement at the end of last year.
An official decree banning all western music was issued on 22 August by a heavily bearded Islamist spokesman in the city of Gao. "We don't want the music of Satan. Qur'anic verses must take its place. Sharia demands it," the decree says.

The ban comes in the context of a horrifically literal and gratuitous application of Sharia law in all aspects of daily life. Militiamen are cutting off the hands and feet of thieves or stoning adulterers. Smokers, alcohol drinkers and women who are not properly attired are being publicly whipped. As one well-known Touareg musician from Kidal says: "There's a lack of joy. No one is dancing. There are no parties. Everybody's under this kind of spell. It's strange."

It's not at all strange. It's the joyless existence that Islam wants to impose on the entire world--and if you haven't noticed, then you've been asleep for the last decade or more.

At The Corner, Andrew McCarthy weighs in:
The Guardian attributes the atrocious penalties to the “menace of al-Qaida”; it also notes, however, that the “ban [on music] comes in the context of a horrifically literal and gratuitous application of Sharia law in all aspects of daily life.”

Much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, al Qaeda did not make up sharia law. Islam did. And in the West, it is a key tenet of due process that law is imposed literally — ambiguous laws violate the principle that people of ordinary intelligence must be on fair notice of what is prohibited. There’s nothing “gratuitous” about applying as it is written.

We can keep our heads tucked snug in the sand, or we can recognize the source of the problem.

Many people in this country prefer to keep their heads in the sand. Many people, including our current President prefer to talk about some ridiculous "war on women" that those eeeeeevilllll Republicans are waging. But it is Islam that is waging the real war on women, as Martha McSally reminds us:
I’m a woman warrior. I’ve been fighting for women’s rights and women’s equality my whole life.

You want to talk about a war on women? Walk in my shoes down the streets of Kabul. Walk in my shoes down the streets of Riyadh; where women have to be covered up. Where they’re stoned, where they’re honor killed if they’ve been raped , where they can’t drive and they can’t travel without the permission of a male relative.

That’s a war on women.

She is absolutely correct, but I would go even a step further: Islam represents not only an anti-woman agenda, it promotes a fully anti-human, anti-life, anti-joy and anti-peace agenda. The blood-thirsty god Islam worships thrives on human nisery,suffering and death; Allah revels in destruction and chaos, and his followers never fail to disappoint.

Anything that brings joy or that elevates the spirit, must be banned. Anyone who disagrees will be mercilessly killed.

I have already discussed how humor is almost non existent in the Muslim world ( except for the cruel and sadistic variety whose goal is to demonize non-Muslims).

Let me be clear: I do not believe that Muslims are bad or inherently evil. I believe they are every bit as human as Jews or Christins or Hindus or Buddhists. However, that reality has nothing to do with the supposed "wonderfulness" or "peacefulness" of the Islamic idology they embrace, which as far as I can tell caters to and fosters the absolute worse aspects of human nature.

The ideology of Islam has one purpose and one purpose only: to deny and ultimaely eradicate the essence of any human good. It is a religion that destroys the soul.

Amd. instead of standing up for the good and best within the human spirit; instead of standing firm for the values of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness; the current President of the United States is busy demonizing Republicans even as he accommodates and appeases the real monsters of the world whose nuclear dreams will enable them to facilitate the spread of their viscious misogyny; and to enslave the minds of everyone--whether female or male.


[Political cartoons by Gary McCoy]

Monday, October 22, 2012


And, sadly, the President actually thinks this will help him in the big debate on Foreign Policy tonight.

Ira Strauss comments on the latest October Surprise:
It’s from Iran again, an October move that could throw the election, and this time it’s for real. Iran is near to agreeing to hold direct nuclear talks with the U.S. It throws a big bone to Obama, on the eve of his final foreign-policy debate with Romney.

Plainly, it does not want to face a Romney presidency.

It’s not something dreamed up after the fact, as in the 1980s “October Surprise.” This time around, the story comes from the parties that stand to benefit from it, and it’s out there in real time — indeed, with exquisite campaign timing.

And, guess what! Israel is out of the loop! Just Us and the Iranians, all cozying up for yet another little chat.

Obviously, both the Mullahs of Iran and President Obama think the American public is pretty stupid. And they may well be right.

I've said it before on this blog, and I'll say it again: the Iranians have got all their religious ducks in a row to actually use nuclear weapons they likely already possess or anticipate possessing (remember Pakistan?).

That is my psychological interpretation and it dovetails with the arrogant, smirking demeanor that always accompanys the calculated baiting of the West by Ahmadinejad, the Iranian Psychopath-in-Chief. Just last month, that same psychopath made his apocalyptic intentions crystal clear to the world.

Whether it is making suggestive remarks about the state of Israel and its future demise; or speculating on the 12th IMAM who will usher in a New World Order (no wonder he wants Obama to win the Presidency!), Ahmadinejad always tries to appear to be a beacon of reason and nuanced diplomacy.

He reminds me a lot of many of the paranoid patients I have dealt with over the years.

All the behavior and rhetoric of the past five years strongly suggest that the Iranians will certainly use their nuclear weapons capability at a moment of their own choosing--negotiations and diplomacy be damned.

Of course, they would want that moment to be a grand, heroic, Islamic gesture. They would need such a gesture to maximize their sense of Arab honor while simultaneously shaming their hated enemy, the Jews. They would need for the gesture to come at exactly at the moment when they can most appear to be the enlightened purveyors of "peace" and "brotherhood".

The hapless intellectual leaders of the West will continue to bend over backwards and even engage in desperate contortions to appease and mollify the sociopathic bullies of Islam; but that will only escalate their violent behavior and give them the rationale they need to press on, more self-righteously convinced that they are superior. This is the completely predictable psychological response to appeasement, solicitation, and compassionate understanding. It's simple really.

Bullies will always push the envelope of bad behavior when they think they can get away with it. They think they can get away with it when Obama is the leader-from-behind of the Free World.

And they are getting away with it, aren't they? Remember the sense of relief and jubilation with which the recent NIE was received by almost everyone. Whew! We don't have to worry about Iran any more! Isn't that great? Except, we now know it was a lie.

Just as the latest manipulation 2 weeks before the election is a lie. Don't you wonder exactly who the liars are?

The whole October Surprise is designed to bring a transient sense of safety and security that is only possible with psychological denial. Osama bin Laden is dead and Al Qaeda is on the run! (escept they're not as 9/11/12 proves). Iran wants to negotiate! (except they really don't and have shown no motivation to actually negotiate ANY of the times they have agreed to sit down and talk).

No rational person wants to believe that Iran could be so crazy and suicidal that they would really try to "wipe Israel off the map." The 2006 NIE was tremendously reassuring because it suggested that the religious fanatics of Iran are really motivated by rational considerations, just like us! They abandoned the quest for nuclear weapons in 2003! They want peace, after all!


They clearly don't want something to happen that would interrupt or put a premature end to achieving their ultimate goal. And logically, rationally, they will do whatever they need to make sure of that. It's their ultimate goal that's the problem.

Don't forget that reason and logic can--and frequently are--used to promote the most illogical, irrational and insane of objectives. In the end, reason and logic are only intellectual tools and their usefulness depends entirely on the reality and truth of the premises for which they are being used. If the premises or objectives for which they are being used are bogus; or if they are not what you think they are; or the opposite of what your own would be under the circumstances; then it hardly matters that the Mullahs and Ahmadinejad give the appearance of being reasonable fellows negotiating rationally with the West.

I can easily imagine Ahmadinejad rubbing his hands together like The Simpson's Mr. Burns, cackling, "Exxxxcellent!" as they promise one thing even as they do the opposite--which logically and rationally proves to them the superiority of Islam and the inevitability of Allah's will.

It's no use saying that by pursuing the development of a nuclear warhead they would use against Israel doesn't make any sense and would be completely irrational, not to mention downright suicidal.

They have repeatedly stated they think it would be worth the human price.

Just think of Ahmadinejad as the ultimate, high-tech suicide bomber who has wrapped that nuclear bomb belt securely around his entire country.

I have said before that I hope I am wrong in this assessment, but all my psychiatric instincts continue to tell me that this is a situation where we are facing imminent suicidal and homicidal behavior. And, the lives of millions are in the balance....

UPDATE: And then there's this: Iranian media say that Romney will steal the election and that riots are expected....

And this, from the UN (guess who they want to win?):
The United Nations Special Rapporteur on Counter-Terrorism and Human Rights has warned Americans not to elect Republican Mitt Romney in next month’s presidential election, saying that doing so would be “a democratic mandate for torture.”

I can't think of a worse torture than to have to live under Obamanomics and Obama foreign policy for another 4 years.

Sunday, October 21, 2012


Mark Steyn can't resist talking about "The Great Binder Blunder"--a critical issue for our times in which the Democrats have finally found their voice (or whistle, so to speak):
The women were chanting “Equal rights, not binders,” and they were protesting the following remarks by Mitt Romney at the presidential debate:

“And so we took a concerted effort to go out and find women who had backgrounds that could be qualified to become members of our cabinet. I went to a number of women’s groups and said, ‘Can you help us find folks?’ And they brought us whole binders full of women.”

Yes!!!!!!! With one bound, Obama was unbound! Romney had just made the worst presidential-debate gaffe since Gerald Ford declared there was no Soviet domination of Eastern Europe. In the previous weeks, Obama had attempted to have a serious conversation with the citizenry, as befits the electoral process of a mature republic. He had raised the critical questions of our time — free contraceptives for middle-aged coeds, the outrageous right-wing Muppophobic assault on Big Bird — but the public had failed to bite. Now, in one fatal error, Romney had handed him the winning issue: binders!
On MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz deplored Romney’s descent into chauvinist “code words.” “To the sexist Republican base,” said Chris, “‘binders’ is a dog whistle.”

“A wolf whistle,” said Ed.

“Exactly,” said Chris. “It’s like asking for watermelon at the NAACP luncheon, not that I ever did that and it was a long time ago.”

“Or addressing the LGBT group and asking the guy if he’s got the new Judy Garland box set,” said Ed.

“That was you, not me,” said Chris.

“But underneath the code language we all know what’s really being said here,” argued Ed. “Send in the women, and I’ll get out my E-Z one-touch hole punch.”

“Okay, moving on,” said Chris, “here’s a leaked video of Romney addressing the board at Bain Capital while he was closing factories throughout the Midwest. It’s a bit muffled, but if you listen carefully you can hear Romney arguing that it would make more economic sense for him to give every American woman cancer and outsource matrimony to a binder full of mail-order brides from the Philippines.”

“Why do you think they call them Manila folders?” added Ed. “We all know the code words.”

“Why do you think he founded Staples in the first place?” demanded Chris. “What kind of a deal do you figure he’s getting on the binders?”

Sure, the Republicans still insist on bringing up trivial, peripheral distractions like Benghazi, Obamacare, multi-trillion-dollar debt, unsustainable entitlements, permanent long-term unemployment, and the looming January 1 “fiscal cliff.” But Democrats know that, if Romney gets his way, there’ll be nothing at the bottom of the fiscal cliff to break your fall except binders. In RomneyWorld, when the mullahs drop the big Iranian nuke, there’ll be nothing crawling out from the irradiated rubble except cockroaches and binders — or some hideous mutation of the two: bindroaches, vile creatures prowling the land on three pairs of jointed rings ready to snap shut on your daughters’ ankles as they attempt to access the last Planned Parenthood clinic in America.

Yes, folks, it has come down to the wire, and binders what the Democrats want to talk about. Binders are the "Outrage of the Day". This is the issue that can unite Obama's pathetic victimhood base, always searching for another reason to feel oppressed.

Personally I'm sick of it. A rare thing happened the other day--I actually agreed with Hillary Clinton on something: STOP WHINING

But you know they won't. So, in the spirit of Gilbert and Sullivan, I've decided to put all the whiners and profession victims and their enablers on a little list....

ME: The day has come, it's happened
There are victims all around!
So, I've got a little list
I've got a little list
of those purveyors of oppression whose stupidity abounds
And who never would be missed,
They never would be missed

There's the whiners of those women's groups who protest eveything,
Who want it all right now please, and they want it all for free.
All the jokers who want free phones and a mortgage paid by me!
(I hate that!)
All the food police and fat police who know what you should eat
(see what i mean? Tastes awful doesn't it? It's terrible, they think their tastebuds are morally superior, it's unforgivable)
And Mullah Omar, Reverand Wright and all fake religionists
They'll none of 'em be missed (Amen!)
They'll none of 'em be missed (Praise Allah!)

Chorus: She's got 'em on the list
She's got 'em on the list
And they'll none of them be missed
They'll none of them be missed!

ME: There's the laughing VP Biden, and the others of his ilk,
That happy snappy Colbert guy-
I've got him on the list
There's the people who redistribute wealth while wearing ties of silk
they never would be missed
they never would be missed

The female UN diplomat who's lying through her teeth;
The spokesman just like Baghdad Bob who covers for The Chie;f
Utopian fanatics who when Barack Obama's heard
will faint and shriek and gurgle and then never hear a word
(it makes you want to puke)

And that singular absurdity the flukish Sandra Fluke!
I don't think she'll be missed
I'm sure she won't be missed

Chorus: She's got her on the list (la-la)
She's got her on the list (I do)
And I don't think she'll be missed (uh-uh)
I'm sure she'll not be missed!

ME: There's the liberals and leftists who want to live YOUR life
And make all you decisions, I've got them on the list
The ones who want to spread your wealth around and make all sorts of strife
they never would be missed
they never would be missed

Politician when campaigning who are such adventurous folk,
they flip flop like a fish, you see, its really such a joke
I have more empty spaces left but what is one to do?
the task of filling up the list i'd rather leave to you
But it really doesn't matter whom you put upon the list
for they'll none of them be missed!
They'll none of them be missed!

Chorus: You may put 'em on the list (You may)
You may put 'em on the list (Go ahead)
And they'll none of them be missed
They'll none of them be missed!
Little list!

Of course, the original is much better and can be adjusted to accommodate any cultural idiots: