Monday, February 28, 2005

Dr. Sanity - An Index of "Best" Posts

When I started blogging, I never thought I had so much to say. It was my intent to post at least once a day, but soon it became so addictive that I was posting three and four times a day! My family says I need help, so I might just check myself into a 12-Step Blogging Program, but only if they have a high-speed internet connection.

Anyway, I thought I would index a few of (what I consider) my "best" posts, so that they would be indexed in one place. There is an Archive at the bottom of the left sidebar of this site, but it only has the entire month's worth of posts and they are not independently listed. However, you are welcome to browse through all my posts if you are so inclined. I hope someday to have a search feature on the site, as well as an index by post title. Someday.....

35th Anniversary of Apollo 11

Psychiatry 101 : Psychological Defense Mechanisms

Optimism versus Pessimism
The Wonderful World of Denia
lHistrionics As A Determinant of National Policy
For Our Children's Children
Defenders of Truth
The Doctor is Somewhat Confused About These Memos...
It's So Unfair
Enabling Behavior For Terrorism
The "Girlie Women" of Today's Feminist Movement
A Lesson in Narcissistic Rage

President Bush's Optimistic Vision
The Left's Rainbow Hypocrisy
John Kerry's World
A Short Course on How to Be A Victim
Adult Conversations
That Way Lies Madness

The Psychology of Bush Hatred
A Nuanced Meaning of Tolerance
The Psychiatric Costs of War
Liberal Groupthink
Arafat Burial Suggestion
Best of Dr. Sanity's Election Posts

I Wonder...
Poor Man, History Has Passed Him By
Polish the Boot

Passive Aggressive Behavior in Response to the Iraq Elections
Self-Esteem is Not Necessarily Good For You
Challenger--A Flight Surgeon Remembers
They Couldn't Care Less About Freedom
Competing Inaugurals
Defending Against the Reckless Hate of Islam
WMD and Death By Chocolate Cake
The Unholy Coalition of Defeat
Concrete Thinking
Dedicated to Darkness
Suicide is Painless
A Fable with a Moral

"Rational" Discourse on the Left
Protect and Defend
Paranoia Strikes Deep
More Paranoia on the Left
He Feels It Is True, Therefore It Is...
9/11 and Paranoia
How Do You Solve A Problem Like Lynne Stewart?
Death By Chocolate Cake (Without WMDs) - A Recipe
Mars Doesn't Need Women
Piano Repairmen
Suicide and Its Nuances
A Classic Case of Hysteria
Yes, This is Islam
Ayn Rand and Me

DR. SANITY'S SONG RIP-OFFS (Gilbert and Sullivan, Monty Python and Others shamelessly stolen to make a political point!)
Cole's A Lumberjack
50 Ways to Force Regime Change
The Great UN Pretender
American Pie - The Democrat Version
Come Back When You Grow Up
Delicious Blasphemy (The Taliban Rag)
The Pirates of the U.N.

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