Monday, February 28, 2005

Daniel in Jabba's Palace

Captain Ed at Captains Quarters reports that Israel is going on the offensive at the UN and intends to try to get the Security Council to condemn the recent suicide bombing in Tel Aviv.

Israel plans on doing something rather remarkable today, an act of faith that has echoes of Daniel in the lion's den. Israel will request that the United Nations Security Council condemn the terrorist bombing that killed four people in Tel Aviv this weekend and demand that the Palestinian Authority dismantle the terrorist groups operating in its territories as a prerequisite to further negotiations on autonomy:

After watching Israel make concession after concession in the Peace Negotiations with the Palestinians, how can there be any doubt that they truly desire peace? After watching every concession and conciliatory gesture be greeted with yet another round of murderous insanity on the part of the Islamic terrorist group du jour, how can there be any doubt that they could care less about peace?

Personally, I happen to think that the UN is a corrupt, bureaucratic mess that stands firmly behind every dictator and thug on the planet. As these super diplomats sit back and issue mild rebukes while genocide is taking place in Darfur; as they count their hard-earned bribes, it is impossible to understand why anyone--let alone the usual UN whipping boy, Israel--would seek some sort of moral sanction from this august body. It is likely to be a complete waste of Israel's time --whatever the result.

This is hardly "Daniel in the Lion's Den". "Daniel in Jabba's Palace" seems closer to the mark.

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