Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Calling A Spade A Spade

While the battle rages over CNN’s Chief News Executive, Eason Jordan's claim that the U.S. military is deliberately targeting journalists in Iraq (see here for a roundup on that), I think it's fair to raise the opposite question:

Are Journalists deliberately targeting the U.S. Military in Iraq?

Scrappleface is on the case!

Spurred by CNN executive Eason Jordan's accusations that U.S. troops have targetted journalists in Iraq, the Pentagon today issued revised rules of engagement for encounters between U.S. forces and the members of the news media

Under the new guidelines, U.S. troops will first offer journalists an opportunity to throw down their cameras and notebooks and approach with hands raised.

"We're there to kill terrorists, not journalists," said an unnamed Pentagon official. "The new rules are designed to make it easier for our personnel to distinguish between the two, since they're often found together and have similar objectives."

Once in captivity, the so-called Prisoners Of Undetermined Loyalty Embedded with Terrorists (POULET), will be treated according to the Geneva Conventions, although the Justice Department has yet to rule on their official status.

In psychology, humor is defined as the overt expression of ideas and feelings (especially those that are unpleasant to focus on or too terrible to talk about) in a way that provokes pleasure and laughter. Humor will let you call a spade a spade in a civilized manner. Perfect, huh?

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