Wednesday, February 23, 2005

King of Blogs Challenge: Mystery Bloggers !

As part of the "King of the Blogs" competition, I have to answer the following challenge question:
"Assemble a group of bloggers to be a Superhero team. Explain their powers, and who they will be fighting, and why."

Have you ever seen the movie Mystery Men ? (It's very funny, even if Janeane Garafolo is in it!) Well, along those lines, my Superhero Team shall be called "The Mystery Bloggers"!

The Therapist
Fighting for Truth, Justice, and Psychological Insight is the Therapist - Dr. Sanity , who with her ascerbic wit and trenchant psychological interpretations of their behavior, always leaves her enemies struck dumb with self-awareness and humility(and as a side-effect, the men's auxilliary appendages become withered and impotent). Psychological insight is a powerful weapon and it must be used with the utmost reason and logic against those who would try to destroy the good--whether consciously or unconsciously!

The Voice
Fighting for the rights of those who cannot speak for themselves is Songstress7 from News from the Great Beyond! Her voice is her secret weapon, and with it she can break the crystal silence that threatens to engulf the helpless. With her to speak for them, the sick and downtrodden need have no fear from the forces of death and indignity. (She has even been known to watch episodes of ER so that her vocal weapon can be honed to scalpel sharpness).

By typing a secret Randian text into a special computer, this mild-mannered guy is instantly transformed into the Hulk of the Blogsphere (with Ragnar Danneskjold overtones!). The Ogre over at Ogre's Politics and Views is as much known for his reasoning abilities as he is for his brute strength and fierecness.He fights looters on his own violent terms! His battle is against the ignorant armies of the night; and he uses his ogre-sense, sharpened by computer know-how, to bring the enemies of civilization into submission!

Pietro at The Smarter Cop is Underdog, the defender of the downtrodden, perrenial losers of the world. He singlehandedly was responsible for an amazing victory over a diabolical and ancient evil, slowly devouring the world, that found its home in New York. Underdog's secret weapon is his magic bat, a talisman discovered in the ruins of a house Babe Ruth once lived in. With his magic bat, Underdog is able to champion the American Way and bring hope to even the most hopeless of the wretched!

The Mystery Bloggers will be holding tryouts for their Superhero Team next Saturday. Email The Therapist for an appointment!

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