Monday, February 28, 2005

Who'd A Thunk It?


For those who doubted that engaging the enemy on his ground by bringing about regime change in Afghanistan and Iraq was the right thing to do--JUST LOOK AT WHAT'S HAPPENING!

  • Afghanistan had free and democratic elections despite the threat of violence.
  • Iraq had free and democratic elections despite the threat of violence
  • Libya has given up its desire for WMD
  • Palestine has had free elections (of a sort anyway)
  • Ukraine citizens took to the streets and changed their government peacefully
  • Saudi Arabia has held open municipal elections and some modest reforms (still a long way to go, however)
  • Egypt has announced some democratic reforms and open elections
  • Syria suddenly hands over Saddam's brother and 29 Ba'athists to the Iraqis
  • And today, Lebanon's government has resigned to the cheering thousands of Lebanese in the streets of Beirut who are demanding freedom
The last time so many significant political changes occurred was when the the Berlin Wall crumbled and resulted in the collapse of Communist dominos all over the world. President Reagan's "Mr Gorbachov, tear down this wall!" statement is widely credited now with the beginning of that paradigm shift. History will credit the vision and committment of President George W. Bush to Freedom and Democracy as the intellectual impetus for what is happening now.

What a terrible blow to the Left, who would like to maintain the delusion that Bush and his administration are stupid, unprincipled, and dangerous (just as they did with Reagan until recently). But the whirlwind changes for the Good happening in the Middle East and elsewhere speak for themselves. The only ones who could grieve about these changes are the Islamofascist terrorists, who unwittingly unleashed the forces that are transforming the world.

The road to Freedom is not always smooth, and there will be many bumps ahead. Syria and Iran will most certainly not give up their oppression and despotism easily, but there is reason to be optimistic after all of the above. But what has already occurred is HUGE and represents an UNDENIABLE victory for Freedom and the human spirit. I wish I could be around 50 - 75 years from now to see these seeds come to fruition.

Who'd a thunk it?

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