Sunday, February 27, 2005

Results Are In!

Well it was a lot of fun! Readers got to participate in my secret fantasy of wanting to be royalty--a fantasy I've supressed ever since my Dad called me his little princess....)) But, the results are in, and American Warmonger is the new King of the Blogs!

Boy, did I get dinged for the design of my site! That seems to be the 'weakest link' in the competition on my part. I really was rather proud of the site--especially since, when I started blogging less than a year ago, I knew nothing about HTML, Templates, etc. etc. I am a bit technologically/computer impaired, and if you knew how long it took me to figure out how do do things and the number of books I had to read to be able to do a hyperlink; as well as how many times I've had to do things over again--and the number of times I screwed up my basic template--you'd understand! But hey! Blogger is free, and I'm getting what I paid for!

I want to thank all of those who voted for me and supported me with trackbacks. Especially Frank at Now You Know; Barry at The Royal Flush, Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna, ljmcinnis at R Cubed and neo at Neo-neocon. Your blogs are great! If only I had received just one more vote (Jeremy got the votes 88-87, but I won the trackbacks 7-5 ), then I would have been QUEEN!

[paranoid rant]I will lay the blame squarely on the shoulders of KARL ROVE, a subtle, Machievellian, and ruthless architect of evil; whose behind-the-scenes manipulations caused me to lose. I feel strongly that it is definitely all his fault![/paranoid rant]

Congratulations to King Jeremy of American Warmonger, who won fair and square. He'll make a great King!

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