Thursday, February 24, 2005

Bring On The Executioners

How's this for achieving Politically Correct Feminist Nirvana? Swedish government bans any opinion that male and female brains are different. (hat tip: The Corner)

The government considers female and male as social constructions, that means gender patterns are created by upbringing, culture, economical conditions, power structures and political ideology.

Apart from taking a position on this scientific question, the government has deiced to side with the most extreme researchers: gene theoreticians who for ideological reasons state that biology can not have any saying in explaining why male and female behaviour differs.

This reminds me about the Soviet biologist Trofim Lysenko. Lysenko was by Stalin proclaimed a scientific genius and his "creative darwinism" was hailed as a huge step forward for genetic research. Lysenko argued that learned traits could be inherited and that by manipulating the environment one could easily cause fundamental changes in plants and animals. Career hungry politicians loved him. Ideology meant everything, experiment and science nothing.

The real scientists, who protested, were cleaned out (and executed).
(emphasis mine)

Let me just say this once and get it out of my system: Is the entire world going completely insane?

There. I feel better.

Unfortunately, my feeling better does not change the reality that neurobiological research is now being controlled by the government in a country usually considered "scientifically advanced" by the rest of the world. Well, they won't be for long. From this point on they should be considered just another third world, primitive tribe that forbids anything the witch doctor objects to. I am sure all the "victims" of scientific research --all those evil hypotheses and experiments of scientists who think maybe women and men just might be differnt--also feel much better. For now.

This is the politically correct world of the Left and its logical endpoint. Ideology is everything; truth, science, and reason are nothing. There is nothing to stand in their way now!

Bring on the executioners.

UPDATE: Check out here for some salient points about Political Religion.

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