Monday, February 14, 2005

Is It Too Much To Ask For The Truth?

Apparently so. Check out comments here, here, and here to get a flavor of the mainstream media's reaction to Eason Jordan's resignation. They appear upset that a group of bloggers (shudder theatrically) tried to bring down someone important like CNN's Eason Jordan. Their attitude can be summed up by: "Who the hell do you bloggers think you are?!?!"

Well, who do we have to be? I was under the impression that this is a free country and that people can say what they please (perfect example: Michael Moore and his loyal followers have been saying not very nice things about Bush for several years now, but I don't see the MSM calling them a "lynch mob". Perhaps the difference is that he does not have..oh, what's the word...TRUTH on his side??)

What I saw in the blogsphere was outrage at the reports of what Jordan said at Davos; tempered by a desire on the part of most bloggers (not all) to see the actual videotape of the comments to support their conclusion that Jordan spoken inappropriately. After all, it was two DEMOCRATS that first expressed outrage (Barney Frank and Chris Dodd) and they were present when the remarks were made. Was it any wonder that the blogsphere leaped to the conclusion that if Frank and Dodd thought the remarks were outrageous, then they must be well beyond the pale?

Reporting Frank's and Dodd's reactions, along with a number of other very appropriate journalistic follow-ups (e.g., getting Gergen's and other eyewitnesses to comment) on the part of the blogsphere led to the perfectly reasonable demand that the tapes be made public so as to clear up any discrepancies in the eyewitness testimonies. All this was quickly reported and discussed in the blogsphere; but for some mysterious reason was not deemed "news" by the MSM until quite a few days had elapsed.

But no matter, ALL DISCUSSION OF EASON JORDAN WOULD HAVE STOPPED IF THE VIDEOTAPE OF JORDAN'S COMMENTS HAD BEEN RELEASED AND IT HAD BEEN SHOWN THAT HE (1) DID NOT SAY WHAT WAS REPORTED; (2) WAS TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT; (3) IMMEDIATELY RETRACTED OR BACKED OFF FROM THE COMMENTS AS REPORTED. Interestingly, the tapes will never be released. Why, I wonder?? Inquiring minds want to know what precisely was on the tape, wouldn't you think? Wouldn't the truth stop all this blogsphere hysteria of making a mountain out of a molehill?? Or, just maybe it might expose the whole flap for the mountain it is, rather than the molehill that the MSM would like it to be.

And, don't you think it is telling that Jordan resigned without releasing the tape? Bill Roggio succinctly points out:

I am of the belief that the content of this tape is even worse than expected. The accounts of Mr. Jordan's reactions are likely to be correct; but the damning information may be the reaction of the audience. If the audience reaction is as anti-American as Davos attendee Rony Abovitz described, the American public may be quite upset indeed with Eason Jordan, and by default, CNN for knowingly employing a person that recklessly encourages such anti-American sentiment. (emphasis mine)

Yes. I am of the same opinion.

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