Sunday, February 06, 2005

Instantaneous Indignation

So far, I have it on good authority that Evil President Bush plans on cutting the following: (see here, here, here , for example)

-Local Law enforcement
-Health care
-Environmental Protection
-American Indian schools
-Home heating aid for the poor
-National Park Service
-School budgets in low-income communities
-Smithsonian Institution
-Arts and Humanities
-Farm and commodity programs
-Subsidy payments to farmers

I'm not sure, but this MONSTER we elected is probably also cutting aid to babies; dogs for blind people; grants for university professors; programs that help little old ladies cross the street; and subsidies for bloggers. Also, as part of this budget, the evil genius has authorized the use of force to make sure people starve, freeze, scream in pain, and wallow in misery. What a fiend!

So, let me get this straight. In the same breath that Democrats and the media are screaming about BUDGET DEFICITS and FISCAL IRRESPONSIBILITY and such; they basically imply that EVERYTHING the President plans to cut is OFF-LIMITS and SACRED? Is that the message here? In short, yes. That is the message.

I expect we will see even more laundry lists of things the evil bastard plans to trim in the coming days from our indispensable victim-watchers and compassionate elites in the media and on the Left.

No discussion here obviously. Just mindless opposition to whatever Bush wants to do. Just instantaneous NIMBY indignation: NOT IN MY BACK YARD--not MY program, baby!

Then whose?

Just once I'd like to see--instead of complete, knee-jerk opposition, whining, and incoherent rage--some SPECIFIC programs that the Democrats think should be cut.

Don't. hold. your. breath.

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