Friday, February 25, 2005

Applying the "Gannon Standard"

Fair is Fair. Right Wing News takes the opportunity to show what happens when the "Gannon Standard" is applied to other White House Reporters:

In fact, the left is such a stickler over this issue -- in the case of Mr. Gannon at least -- that they're demanding to know why the White House didn't do a long, detailed examination of Jeff Gannon's sex life.

Who'd have thought this would be such a big issue to the left after they spent the Clinton years claiming that it was OK for the President to commit perjury as long as he was lying about sex? Interesting thought: I wonder how the left will react when Hillary's sex life is given "Jeff Gannon treatment" when she runs in 2008? Why am I guessing that they'll be upset?

In any case, that's beside the point -- especially since I have a hot, juicy scoop (well, it should be at least as big of a "scoop" as the lefties had with Gannon) . I've found another person who's getting into White House press conferences even though she's not a reporter!

Her name? It's Helen Thomas.

Read all about the "fair" and "objective" and "neutral" questions that a real professional "objective" and "fair" reporter asks during the White House briefings. Oh yes, I forgot "neutral".

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