Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Yes, This IS Islam

Here is an eye-opening and brutal run-down on the crimes of Islam against women, and the "blindness" exhibited in Europe and western countries about the practices of muslims living in their countries that oppress women.

Western women have long wryly accepted that their mates rarely notice new outfits and new hairdos. Muslim males, by contrast, take a more intense interest in what female family members wear on their heads, what they put on their faces, how they wrap their bodies, who they shake hands with (no one) and talk to, and obsess more about their genitalia than British lap dance king Peter Stringfellow and the wardrobe chief for Caesar's Palace combined.

Little girls, who should be playing jump rope and taking tennis lessons, are forced to submerge their individuality in hot, uncomfortable, anonymous robes that severely limit movement. This is called teaching them to be "modest". They are made to attend school looking different, and apart, in their headscarves, a barrier, as it is intended to be, to integration.

All these elaborate protocols are done in the name of "protecting" women and girls from themselves. But the truth is, it is self-defense on the part of the Muslim man. To protect Muslim women, immigrant families to the West comply only 50 percent with normal Western dress codes. How often have I seen, in the south of France in the baking heat of summer, a North African family walking across a parking lot, daddy and the teenage son in smart Bermuda shorts, T-shirts and Reeboks, hair cut trendily short and gelled, as Western as you please, and lumbering along in their snappy wake, struggling with the shopping and the swathes of draperies, two or three ambulatory swathes of black sheeting.

That was just the introduction. Read all about the 14 year old girl, abducted and raped by an adult male, who on her rescue and return to her family was brutally murdered by her father for "shaming" the family. Or the bride dressing for a wedding ceremony stabbed 22 times by her cousin because his tender sensibilities were upset that she was marrying a divorced man.

These incidents ocurred in Western countries. If muslim women cannot get protection and justice in these countries, where can they get it? If Britain, Canada, France and Germany--supposedly FREE and under the rule of law, turn a blind eye to the despicable treatment of immigrant muslim women--what hope is there for those women? This probably explains their high suicide rate (four times the rate of the indiginous women).

Yet, over and over again we hear the refrain that the behavior of muslim men toward muslim women is "not" Islam. That it is contrary to "real" Islam (despite the manuals issued by imams on how to beat a wife or daughter so that it doesn't "show"). We even witness the apologists among the women who claim that covering themselves is their "choice" and allows them to be who they "really are".

Frankly, this bullshit is beginning to make me sick. I have no problem with such muslim women apologists wearing whatever they want. But their perspective would be ever so much more persuasive if women who choose NOT to have their individual identities submerged under a shapeless, formless and oppressive religion, were not murdered so frequently by raging, dysfunctional men, shaky about their masculinity.

The apologists, female and male, must face the reality: This IS Islam. Only then can something be done to change it.

UPDATE: And for those of you who STILL cannot accept the evil currently being practised under the auspices of Islam, here it is in their own words: "There can be no end to jihad" (hat tip: Jihad Watch)

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