Friday, February 11, 2005

Breathtaking Hypocrisy

Let me get this straight. Two Democrat members of congress (John Conyers of Michigan and Louise Slaughter of Rochester) are calling for congressional hearings because an unknown journalist, from an unknown news organization was given a press pass to White House news conferences; but no one appears to think that the comments to an international audience of a News Directer at CNN who accuses the US military of deliberately targeting journalists (without a shred of proof) is a big deal????

What if the journalist apologizes or "clarifies" his purpose in daring to ask a "pro-Bush" question?

Or, how about this: After 5 years of the most vile, vitriolic, no-holds-barred insults, insinuations and outright slander of the President of the United States; the Democrats are whining because they think the White House should stop its "personal attacks" on Harry Reid, when said "personal" attacks amount to a expose of his voting record over the years???? Reid has been the Democrat's Minority leader since December, 2004-so after a mere 6 weeks, the guy is offended!

And then there's this: The Democrats are denouncing Bush for being "partisan" and "dividing" instead of "uniting"; while at the same time doing this???

Wow. Breathtaking.

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