Sunday, February 13, 2005

Dancing with Lady Liberty

More analysis of why the Left has abandoned all its former principles (if they ever had any besides the acquisition of power) and chosen to embrace tyranny and support anti-Americanism wherever they find it. Ross Terril in the Boston Globe proposes that they have switched dancing partners and are no longer dancing with Lady Liberty: (hat tip: Instapundit)

DEMOCRACY IS FRIEND to the common man and authoritarianism is a crutch for millionaires with a villa in Italy -- right? Maybe no longer. Lady Liberty has acquired a new dancing partner. Politics in both Europe and the United States have unhitched the left from its trusted partner, democracy. American liberals now often spurn blue collar opinion that is democracy's fuel. They mostly reject global idealism that is liberty's post-communism vocation. This has allowed a Republican president to make democracy his cause. On the dance floor of the 21st century, the right embraces Lady Liberty.

A very interesting piece that I urge you to read. Someone in an email asked me why I am spending/wasting so much time dissecting the Left. It's a good question, and here's my answer.

I believe that the greatest threat in the world today is rampant Islamofascism and the terrorism they use to achieve their goal--worldwide tyranny in the name of religion. Those on the Left have allied themselves with the Islamofascists--some deliberately and consciously, understanding that the goals of the two movements have been similar all along; some unconsciously because they are unwilling to believe that their original premises ALWAYS enabled Evil and Tyranny.

Either way--deliberately or not--the Left is actively working to further the Islamofascist's agenda. The genius of George W. Bush is that his policies have made this obvious to the average American for the first time since the 60's. Instead of mere rhetoric about Freedom, Bush has acted andactually freed millions--he has taken the Left's "talking points"and shield away from them and exposed them for the hypocrites they have always been.

The Left has never taken responsibility for the millions of people killed and enslaved in the name of Communism and Socialism in the last century. They have hardly blinked an eye at the misery their theories have caused. They actually still believe that their ideas support the common man and enhance freedom. They see no moral difference between defending against terrorism and the terrorism itself. They are morally, intellectually, and spiritually bankrupt and have decided that an alliance with the terrorists is their last best way to achieve the power they have always desired and which has always been at the root of their theories. They have made a strategic mistake in their new alliance, because the superior nihlism of the Islamofascists will devour them when and if they succede in their plans for humanity--but that point is neither here nor there.

Although they are weakened by historical events over the last 20 years, the Left still has considerable power in the U.S. and other Western countries. By exposing their motives and their tactics, I like to think that I am doing my small share in the War on Terror.

To those who innocently embrace the Left and mistakenly believe that the U.S. is the greatest threat to Freedom in the world: WAKE UP AND SEE WHAT YOUR SIDE IS REALLY SUPPORTING. STOP ENABLING TERROR AND TYRANNY. STOP BEING A USEFUL IDIOT IN THIS NEW CENTURY.

In the name of the best within you, change partners and dance with Lady Liberty.

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