Monday, October 11, 2004

Which is it Mr. & Mrs. Kerry ?

While Teresa trumpets, "No blood for oil!" to the downtrodden masses, her husband slams Bush because gas prices are too high.

While John criticizes the Halliburton / KBR oil contract in Iraq (In an interview with the WSJ in May, Senator Kerry tried to back away from his primary-season labelling of companies that send jobs abroad as "Benedict Arnolds." Now he's back attacking Halliburton for doing business overseas);

Teresa says,
"John and I believe that we have to have corporate America at the table and being a part of providing answers to a lot of these problems,”

Well, which is it Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Kerry?

If we went to Iraq to get cheaper oil, where is it?? If corporate America must be at the table to provide answers for this country, why are you constantly harassing Halliburton?? (which, unfortunately for their stockholders, have been unable to make a profit on the Iraq contract - but, hey! Why let logic get in the way of a good smear?)

Surely only an intellectual moron would stil believe the tired, old refrain that Heinz Kerry is singing? Surely only those infected with that virulent anti-capitalist ideology virus could possibly believe that Halliburton, who has done business with EVERY administration since the Vietnam War, has been the impetus behind Afghanistan and Iraq? Does 9/11 even factor into the discussion?

People who simultaneously advance opposite and mutually exclusive positions are not generally open to reason. And, as for facts, they are meaningless nuisances and are always trumped by the degree of passion with which a speaker expresses his or her views. So, if the Kerry's decide to answer the question, be prepared to listen to a "nuanced" type of defense--you know one like "I voted for the $87 million before I voted against it."

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