Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Some Things ARE Possible

On Saturday, millions of women voted for the first time in Afghanistan. But in Saudi Arabia, having women vote in elections there, "just isn't possible," according to Prince Nayef bin Sultan.

One definition of the word "possible" is "capable of being realized." It is perfectly obvious that if women who once were oppressed under the the most misogynist regime in history --the Taliban-- are now free citizens in a country that has free elections, then ANYTHING is possible. What makes it impossible for Saudi women to vote? Not the bullshit reasons cited by Prince Nayef (no pictures on their ID card because of the bhurka; etc.) but because of two major societal flaws: 1) a fear of women that lies at the core of Islam; and 2) an aversion to democratic processes that lies at the core of the Saudi Royal Family.

If I were Prince Nayef, and I saw Afghanistan; and I saw Iraq; I would be VERY afraid that the male-dominated, privileged and victim-worshipping world I lived in was on the verge of some very big changes....

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