Saturday, October 09, 2004

Soccer and Baseball !

\I am away in Illinois at a big Soccer Tournament. The Boo is playing goalkeeper for the Michigan Hawks, a team with a great history. The weather is absolutely gorgeous--especially for Soccer; President Bush won the debate last night with Senator Doom and Gloom; the Afghanis went to the polls in their first-ever democratic election; John Howard won re-election in Australia; the Yankees won last night again; AND THE HAWKS WON THEIR FIRST GAME 3-0 this morning! The University of Michigan football team is currently losing right now and things don't look good for them....but nevertheless....

All is right with the world!

UPDATE: Not only did UM beat Wisconsin for the Little Brown Jug, But the Hawks won their second game and will go on to the semi-finals tomorrow!

UPDATE II: HOORAY! The Michigan Hawks won the Tournament! The Boo ended with NO goals scored against her and each of the players brought home a 2 foot tall trophy. This was some really fine soccer to watch and all the teams played were extremely good. The Boo was so excited by the win, she held the trophy the entire 6 hour drive back to Ann Arbor!

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