Thursday, October 07, 2004

Please, Spare Us !

"Come on people. Do you really want to elect some guy about whom you'll be seeing jokes about botox, fake tans, and phony sports interests for the next four years? Spare us."

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dymphna's double said...

The idea that Kerry might be elected is unpleasant to contemplate. I cannot envision him as an effective leader who would inspire respect. He's essentially a loner as far as one can tell.

But he didn't fall far from the family tree. His daddy, afer retiring from his government work, wrote a bitter book called The Star-Spangled Mirror. Neither of them like their country very much, or rather they don't like American culture. Not surprising that Winter Soldier smells the same.

Dr. Sanity, you talked about optimism, so here's my take: if Kerry is elected I am going to spend my time enjoying the spectacle. Teresa Heinz Kerry is amazing. We'll have our own WMD right in the White House and we can watch it go off regularly, splatting stuff on anyone standing close enough.