Thursday, October 07, 2004

John Kerry's World

John Forbes Kerry lives in a galaxy far far away. Consider the following points.

In Kerry's World:
  • France believes it is the moral center of the galaxy
  • The United Nations believes it is the moral center of the universe
  • Business and the economy is something to be CONTROLLED
  • US military strength is something that must be CONTROLLED even more
  • Every future war must be judged by looking back to the "lessons" of Vietnam
  • September 11 never happened
  • Michael Moore is a deep-thinking philosopher; as is Bruce Springsteen, Whoopi Goldberg, and Janeane Garafolo
  • All economic indicators show statistics that are comparable, if not BETTER, than when Bill Clinton was in office, but you would think we are in the Great Depression
  • The "lights of America are flickering"
  • Pessimism and hopelessness will triumph over freedom and optimism
  • You must be 100% sure of intelligence information before you are allowed to act on it
  • Changing your position frequently is considered "unwavering"
  • There is no issue on which you cannot come down forcefully on both sides of
  • Only HE knows where Osama bin Laden is !
  • A four month period of time 3 decades ago is apparently the most important reason to trust John Kerry with the safety of the US; but we must discount the last 20 years of his record on defense in the Senate
  • You only know if you support something when the outcome is assured
  • Questioning his patriotism is verboten; his questioning of anyone else's patriotism is "fair game"
  • He sees no contradiction in damning people with SUV's when he owns one
  • He sees no contradiction in bashing rich people when he is one
  • He sees no contradiction in opposing a war that he wants you to appreciate his heroism in
  • He sees no contradiction in fawning over the UN as it condemns US actions as "illegal"
  • He sees no contradiction in asking allies to provide forces for the "wrong war, at the wrong time, in the wrong place"
  • He seen no contradiction in praising the troops one day, then telling them they are dying for a "collosal error in judgement"
  • He sees no contradiction in condemning Bush for not having any allies; then condemns those who join with us as a "coalition of the coerced and bribed..."
  • He sees no contradiction in "voting for the $87 billion to support the troops before voting against it"
  • He sees no contradiction in saying he will never seek a "permission slip" for US actions, but wants to submit our actions to a "global test"
  • He sees no contradiction in claiming one day that he has NEVER said that Bush "lied" and then the next day calling Bush a liar.
  • He says that he will win the war in Iraq, but he is afraid to fight it
  • He says that the war on terror must be won, but he plans to hamstring the US's ability to wage it

John Kerry's World is a world of denial; a world where words mean more than actions; a world where gloom and pessismism reign; a world that enables terrorism and encourages victimhood. In this world, freedom and individualism are in short supply and struggle for existence.

In short, Kerry's worldview possesses NOTHING that could possibly induce me to support him in his ambitions to be presiden-- in any way, shape, or form.

What is puzzling to me is, why anyone sane would....

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