Wednesday, October 27, 2004

All Things To All People or Nowhere Man?

Jeff Jacoby makes some interesting points about Kerry's recent religious conversion:

I have been following John Kerry's career for 22 years, ever since his 1982 run for lieutenant governor of Massachusetts. I have encountered him in small private gatherings and in large public settings. I have spoken about him often with people who know him well. I have read innumerable accounts of his non-political passions and pastimes. And if at any point during all those years you had asked me whether I thought Kerry was a religious man, I would have answered without hesitation: "No, not at all."

Read the whole thing. It is yet another reality check on the question of the day: Who is John Forbes Kerry?

In John Kerry we have a Man For All Seasons; a Jack Of All Trades; a Johnny Come Lately; and a Johnny on the Spot. He is a Holy Man and simultaneously non-religious; an Aggressive Pacifist; a Snowboarding Windsurfer; He's Black, White, and Rainbow; He's For and Against; Up and Down; Over and Out; He's in two places at once; He's an Internationalist American; and a Communist- supporting Democrat. He's endorsed by all the wonderful Enemies of the US and by allies who won't lift a finger to help us; He wants to "stay the course" and run away; He's an articulate nincompoop; a man of too many words. A serially exaggerating prevaricator. He's open, honest and trustworthy except about his record; his plans; and his desire for power; He's simultaneously pro and anti-war; pro and anti-troops. This man of many faces; botoxed and tanned married a Republican billionaire's widow. This man of the people who owns more homes and cars than a baseball team can't remember the stars of his "beloved" Red Sox. He's "giddy" and manly; a wimp and a wonk. He for everything, especially himself. He's determined to be President of the US, even if it kills us. He is all things to all people or maybe a nowhere man for nobody.

Not only wouldn't I vote for this inauthentic, dissembling narcissist; I wouldn't even give him the time of day if he were the last politician in the galactic spiral.

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