Friday, October 01, 2004

Troops Terrified of A Kerry Victory

From Newsmax (via Betsy's Page) :

U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq are "terrified" at the prospect that Americans back home might elect John Kerry president, a Marine and Iraq veteran who is on his way back to the front lines said Monday.

Asked how Kerry's election would affect troop morale in the combat zone, Lance Cpl. Lawrence Romack told KWEL Midland, Texas, radio host Craig Anderson, "It would destroy it."
We're pretty terrified of a John Kerry presidency," added Romack, who served with the 1st Marine Tank Battalion in Iraq. The Iraq war vet said he fears that most of the news coverage is being skewed to make the mission look like a failure in order to give the Kerry campaign a boost.

"What they're trying to do is get Kerry into the White House, because they know he doesn't want us to stay [in Iraq]," he told Anderson.

Asked if Americans back home were getting an accurate picture of what's happening in the war, the Marine corporal said: "No, they're not. It's not even close. All the press wants to report is casualty counts. They don't want to report the progress we're making over there."
Romack noted that in the southern part of the country, Iraqis welcomed U.S. troops when they set up an immunization programs for children, opened schools and began distributing food.

"Almost immediately people were lining up to get their kids shots," he told Anderson.
Contrary to reports that the general population was too afraid to help ferret out insurgents, Romack said, "We had Iraqis pointing out former Baath Party members for us to arrest."
When the KWEL host opened up the phone lines, a member of the 82nd Airborne who had returned from Iraq in March was first on the line.

He agreed with Cpl. Romack that media reports coming out of Iraq were often inaccurate – and sometimes even dangerous.

"The news media – sometimes I felt like I had as much to fear from them as I did the Iraqis," he complained.

Don't they know that John Kerry said he would support the troops???
Here it is, straight from last night's debate transcript:

KERRY: I understand what the president is talking about, because I know what it means to lose people in combat. And the question, is it worth the cost, reminds me of my own thinking when I came back from fighting in that war.And it reminds me that it is vital for us not to confuse the war, ever, with the warriors. That happened before. And that's one of the reasons why I believe I can get this job done, because I am determined for those soldiers and for those families, for those kids who put their lives on the line.That is noble. That's the most noble thing that anybody can do. And I want to make sure the outcome honors that nobility.



Anonymous said...

Dr. Pat:

You know how I stand on this. Nothing is more "troubling" than having your honor taken from you. G-d save us.

Anonymous said...

Thats from Oak Leaf (above)

Dr. Sanity said...

I think that the Left wants it to happen all over again because they see the Vietnam debacle as their one big "win"; they (in the person of Kerry) can't let it go.

Dr. Sanity said...

Well,Roundguy, it is a form of delusion. By their thinking Bush himself is the actual threat (it's all his fault, after all), so if he is eliminated, they think the threat will be eliminated. It is a combination of displacement and denial of reality and it protects them from having to face an extremely unpleasant reality that might make them have to reevaluate their thinking (god forbid).

Jerry said...

The problem I see with Kerry is that the man appears to really and truely want to LOSE the WoT and weaken the US in world standing.

Withdraw from Iraq, and chaos and anarchy would set in. Disillusion the military, toss it into turmoil and see lots of folks get out, then he could start up the draft again and watch our technologically strong volunteer force return to a mid-70's version where the draftees are resentful as hell and we could just barely fight our way out of a paper bag. And what he'd do to the economy - why doesn't he just announce he'll mug everyone, every family making over $80k a year and be done with it?

Is this really the best candidate the DNC could come up with? Is he really emblematic of their policies and belief systems? Is the population at large stupid enough to buy what this guy's selling?

Given a choice between optimism and someone who plays on my fears, I'll go with the optimism. Given a choice between someone who has kept his head down so far he has virtually no legislative record to show for 20 years in the Senate, and between someone's who's made mistakes, admitted them, then worked like hell to overcome them and make something of himself, and then made damn near impossible decisions on an hourly basis - I know who I'd vote for.