Tuesday, October 12, 2004


Hugh Hewitt asks his listeners what this Presidential Election is all about, and here are some of their replies:

Churchill v. Chamberlain
offense v. defense
advance v. retreat
resolve v. dithering
blunt talk v. nuance
England and Australia v. France and Germany
Allawi in power v. Saddam in power
post 9/11 v. post-Cole
values of America at its founding v. the values of Europe today
leader v. talker
lightning v. lightning bug
White House v. waffle house
Noah's Ark v. Titannic
Lincoln v. McClellan
limits on abortion v. no limits on abortion and taxpayer-funded abortions
parental notification v. no parental notification of teens seeking abortion
tax cut v. tax hike
private sector growth v. public sector growth
cheeseburger v. escargot
honest humility v. prideful arrogance
"Let's roll" v. roll over
Thanksgiving in Baghdad v. Christmas Eve in Cambodia
F-102 v. hot air balloon
September 12 v. September 10
reality v. make believe
big fish v. big fish story
Patton v. Peter Pan
Popeye v. Wimpy
Iceberg v. crushed ice
Battle Hymn of the Republic v. Kumbaya
Pat Tillman v. Michael Moore
D-Day v. Dunkirk
Brit Hume v. Chris Matthews
G-suit v. stuffed suit
national identity v. internantional anonymity
to be v. not to be
G-man v. g-string
tastes great v. less filling
Gary Cooper v. Inspector Clouseau

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