Friday, October 29, 2004


Thomas Sowell has some words about the disgraceful media and their unrelenting spin to support Kerry and other Liberal causes.

The question is not whether the media should express opinions or give editorial endorsements favoring one candidate or another. The issue is whether their main function -- supplying information to the public -- is corrupted by double standards in how they report or withhold news that could help or hurt their favorite causes and candidates.
Unsubstantiated claims about George W. Bush's National Guard service more than 30 years ago have been hyped in the media for months, even before the forged documents were used by CBS News. But eyewitness accounts by veterans contradicting Kerry's version of his service in Vietnam have been kept out of much of the media.
There have been numerous other examples of similar double standards. When integrity is missing, that is far more dangerous than "missing" explosives.

I can't help but remember when Kerry claimed that his dying mother gave him three words of advice: "Integrity, Integrity, Integrity" ? (Nevermind that this was probably another of Kerry's many made-up stories.) Is it too much to ask that both the candidate and his rabid supporters in the mainstream media display some of that integrity? Or is that why Kerry's mother had to remind him three times about it?

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