Sunday, October 10, 2004

Again, Truly Pathological Behavior

Most people don't know that the Kerry Campaign had a plan for a "draft"--that it, an INVOLUNTARY "SERVICE". Via LGF we discover that Kerry's website, which until recently had the plan outlining MANDATORY NATIONAL SERVICE for high school students ( oh yeah...good luck with that) mysteriously had the "plan" disappear into the ether (I guess he discovered how wildly unpopular such a plan would be, huh?). But, thanks to the magic of the "Wayback Machine" LGF has the original plan as it was outlined, and now the "new, improved plan" that offers college tuition for "doing an important service for the country". (Many high school graduates do this now--it is called "enlisting in the military").

The evidence just keeps piling up on what an absolute HYPOCRITE Kerry is; and what HYPOCRITES the entire Democratic Party is composed of. First they introduce through Charles Rangell (a Democrat) a bill in Congress trying to reinstate the Military Draft. Then they email "rumors" that Bush is "secretly" going to reinstate the Draft to college students. Then John Kerry, in his usual "nuanced" way, suggests that Bush has a secret plan to reinstate the Draft. He uses this innuendo over and over again in his stump speeches. Articles keep "mysteriously" appearing in the main stream media about reinstituting the Draft (despite the REPEATED denunciation of such rumors from EVERY Bush Administration official and EVERY Pentagon official. But Mr. Kerry suggests that (where have I heard this before?) "Bush is a liar" and tries his damndest to REINFORCE the fears of a SECRET DRAFT PLAN.

Then, a few days ago, Republicans in Congress decided to put a stop to the rumor and innuendo and forced a vote on Rangell's bill. It was shot down in flames, with only two votes for it (even the disingenuous Rangell voted against it). Yet, I note that the LA Times saw fit to publish the story under the headline "Republicans Glad To Lose on New Draft Bill" --just to make sure everyone continues to think that it was the Republicans pushing for this all along.

Obviously it is OK for the Democrats to want to draft young people to do service in the areas they deem "important". They see no contradiction in sponsoring a bill that would re-institute the military draft and then accuse the Republicans of being the one's who plan to do it.

Words simply fail to express the contempt I feel about this outrageous, deceitful and truly pathological behavior.

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