Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Optimism Option - Freedom on the March

Next week this country will be facing an important choice at the polls. I know which candidate I will choose, and I will choose him because of his optimistic vision of our country and the world. I deeply believe, with every fiber of my being, that unless we confront Islamofascist terror and defeat it conclusively ( in the short-term by killing them; in the long-term by aggressively promoting Freedom and Individual Rights) that our entire way of life is at great risk. I want my daughter to grow up in a world where she is free to pursue her dreams, as I have been free to pursue mine. Where only her own talent, abilities and hard work stand between her and her goals. I love America and all that it stands for. America's values are worth fighting for; worth dying to preserve. The first part of a new century is a good time to renew our country's committment to Freedom, Individuality, and Democracy. We can continue to be a beacon for those values in a world of oppression and misery; where the forces of totalitarianism still have a foothold.

If you want a sample of the "optimism option", here is President Bush, speaking to Sean Hannity and responding to a the question, "if John Kerry were president would he make this country more vulnerable and more susceptible to terror attacks?" (hat tip: PowerLine)

You know, that's ultimately the decision the people are going to have to decide in this campaign and it is by far one of the biggest issues in the campaign. What I say is that his point of view is dangerous because it's very limited in nature. He says this is primarily a law enforcement and intelligence-gathering operation. He says we must pass a global test. He says that -- he hasn't changed his position on Iraq. He has changed his position on Iraq. A lot. And I think all of that adds up to is a -- in my judgment -- is a strategy that would not enable us to win. And he said he wanted to reduce terrorism to a nuisance. To me that is not the right strategy in the world in which we live in. The strategy should be to defeat these terrorists in the short term by bringing them to justice using all the assets at our disposal. In the long term by encouraging free societies to emerge. I think one of the most hopeful and amazing things that has happened in recent history is the fact that millions of people in Afghanistan went to the polls to vote for president. The first voter was a 19 year old woman. I cannot tell you how exhilarating and hopeful that makes me feel about my deep belief that every person wants to be free in the world. It just was proved and Sean, I would ask you to go think about what public opinion was like as to whether or not -- several years ago -- as to whether or not a democracy would ever emerge in Afghanistan. It is an amazing phenomenon -- I love to tell the youngsters in the crowd that come and see me to think about -- and I want you to remember what has happened in a brief period of time. A society has gone from darkness to light because freedom is on the march.

It is one week until Election Day. Make sure you VOTE !

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