Friday, October 15, 2004

Islamic Law and Wife Beating: A Debate

This is what passes as a scholarly discussion in the Arab world: (Hat tip: Jim O)

Dr. Elias: Our civil law and Islamic law do not present wife-beating as a rule, but they deal with a situation where a man beats his wife. What should we do then? My friend, if you beat your wife and it's only light beatings in order to set things straight - that's it. We forgive light beatings. We tell him, "They are not considered an assault, but discipline."

Al-Shazli: What do you mean by light beatings? I'd very much like to know what they are…

Elias: Light beatings, from the legal aspect…

Al-Shazli :I'd like to say something. When a man treats his wife this way, when his hand is like an iron rod, she is hurt, physically and mentally… What kind of idea is this "light beatings"?

Elias: Light beatings are not excessive. They don't leave a mark, don't break bones, don't cause bleeding, and don't cause death. These are light beatings. With some women - nothing helps except beatings.

Bibars: And with some men - nothing helps except beatings.

Elias: For example, a man comes home from work and finds his wife watching TV. She doesn't even get up to make him food. He tells her once, twice, and asks again. If only once he would raise his voice and beat her, she would get up to prepare food for him and by the next day she'd be obedient. This will last for a week and when she forgets, he will remind her. Let's admit it, the woman was created from a crooked rib.

I would like to send a message from here: The wife must speak quietly and she must carry out all her duties toward her husband and family. She must not give her husband the chance to beat her, and if he has already beaten her, she must treat him in a way that will not cause him to repeat it, so the beatings won't become a habit.

This is just an excerpt. Read the entire debate for insight into the Koran and Arab culture. Remember, this is the Shari'a Law that the Canadian government has just approved for Canada. This is the so-called "Religion of Peace". This is an example of the backwards and misogynistic thinking so pervasive in the Middle East.

Tolerating this kind of cultural crap is currently extremely politically correct on our University campuses and in elite intellectual circles that promote "cultural diversity." Even feminists seem to be subdued and kept in their places by these routine outrages. But I, for one, am sick and tired of this warped application of "tolerance". Any individual, any people, any religion, and any government that encourages this perversion of thinking does not deserve any degree of tolerance by civilized human beings. Period. Exclamation point.

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