Friday, October 29, 2004

Continuing Insanity

I awoke this morning feeling particularly down and realized that I am more anxious about this election than I have been willing to admit to myself. I look around and see --even more than usual--the headlines of the day as they unrelentingly spin and gyrate to defeat Bush. I listen to the droning voice of John Kerry and am overwhelmed by the incredible desperation of a man who would sell his country to the enemy and say anything to be President. The continuing insanity whirling around us as we approach November 2nd is scarier than the most frightening Halloween nightmare. Let me illustrate.

  • A "study" suddenly published in Lancet claiming that 100.000 Iraqi deaths were "caused" by the US led invasion. Quite frankly, I read the study and it is deeply flawed; the data are incredibly unreliable (obviously not a single one of these are combatants? One wonders about who killed 1000 Americans during this time?) and, even if there WERE something to this 1)WHAT THE HELL ARE RESEARCHERS DOING IN A WAR COLLECTING SUCH DATA??? AND 2) WHAT POSSIBLE PURPOSE COULD IT SERVE TO PUBLISH THIS INFORMATION SEVERAL DAYS BEFORE A PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION (can you guess?)
  • Continued BULLSHIT about the "missing" Iraqi explosives as the Left and the Kerry campaign continue to try to make the Commander in Chief personally responsible for the day to day events in the war. What does this matter? Would it be any better if these explosives were controlled by Saddam and the Baathists as Kerry would like?
  • Kerry is saying that the nation is "polarized" and he should know, since his entire campaign has been focused on emphasizing and encouraging the polarization. A nation in a time of war deserves better of its politicians. Shouldn't we expect that a candidate for president shouldn't give aid and comfort to the enemy? On polarization: Senator Kerry appears to be deeply polarized himself, since his statements come down on every possible side of every issue. On giving aid and comfort to our enemies: Kerry did it in 1971 for personal gain, why not now?
  • RantingProfs points out the incredibly hospitality of France for all types of human scum including Arafat and Mugabe; and wonders if there is ANYONE that isn't welcome in that country--then answers her own question.
  • Good news about Iraq and the spirit of her people that will never make its way into the mainstream media
  • The incredible achievement of Afghanistan and its free election--all due to President Bush and his vision--has all but faded into obscurity. Do you remember the dire predictions about trying to hold free elections there? Do you remember how these predictions were used AGAINST Bush's policies; And the success of democracy in Afghanistan was even used to demonstrate Bush's failure? Yet, now that Afghanistan has exceeded all expectations and millions of people have voted and elected a president--what have you heard?
  • Can you imagine what our current world would be like if the media of today had covered World War II?
  • Can any jerk who makes a video threatening to "make the streets run with blood" in the US get media attention?
  • What is John Kerry hiding? Why has everyone forgotten "Christmas in Cambodia"? Kerry's failure to release his military and medical records? Teresa Heinz' failure to release her tax records? How come Kerry gets a free pass on all this? What about the questions of his self-inflicted wounds?
  • The vitriol directed by the mainstream media against the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth and their charges against Kerry; while any crackpot with "charges" against Bush become front page news and automatically believed by the media (at least CBS)
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 is "mainstream" while it is somehow wrong for "Stolen Honor" to be aired.
  • Over 70,000 people killed in a FEW MONTHS by the genocide in Sudan perpetrated by Muslims; while the world anguishes about 1500 Palestinians killed in 5 YEARS of the Intifada by Israel. (Link from Big Pharoah)
  • John Kerry is endorsed by the Communist Party, Iran, Yasser Arafat, Kim Jung Il, and terrorists the world over and noone seems to wonder why?
  • A columnist for a British newspaper calls for Bush to be assassinated, then claims he was just joking

There are so many bizarre and distorted stories in the news related to this election and world events, I couldn't even begin to list them in one lifetime.... I think I will just close my eyes and ears and watch Star Trek reruns until Tuesday.

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