Friday, October 15, 2004

The Left's Rainbow Hypocrisy

When you have respect for a person or a cause, it would seem obvious that you don't consider those people or that cause to be something to smear someone else with. Thus it is illuminating to discover what the so-called "Party of the Little People" --as the Democrats are wont to call themselves--REALLY think about the handicapped, Blacks, and Gays. Three groups that they subsume under their "rainbow coalition."

ITEM 1 : Here is the cover of a flyer distributed by Tennessee Democrats that shows how they are willing to exploit the handicapped for political gain:

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Item 2:
In what seems to be a deliberate and coordinated attempt to make sure voters know that the Vice President's daughter is gay, both John Edwards and John Kerry made specific reference to that fact in two debates. Mary Beth Cahill defended the attack--which was made even more disgusting by the false sympathy that both men espoused toward the Cheneys--by saying that Mary Cheney was "fair game". You know, "game" as in what hunters shoot?

Item 3:
And, last, but not least is the Left's attack on Condoleeza Rice. We all know what the Left and Democrats think of Blacks who don't agree with their ideology: they are not REAL Black people (and are therefore "fair game" apparently). A incredibly racist cartoon by Jeff Danziger, which showed a barefoot Condi Rice with baby aluminum tubes pandering to all the racist stereotypes you can imagine was here , but because of the outrage it generated, it was removed.

So, there you have three examples of what the Democrats REALLY think of their rainbow base of support. Do you think these examples show respect for "diversity"? Do you imagine that Kerry and Edwards referred to Mary Cheney in order to show their "respect" for VP Cheney and his family? Do you even think that a Black woman in one of the highest political offices in the land deserves to be ridiculed for her achievements because she is Black and a Republican? What about if she had been Black and Democrat?? Would she then be shown some "respect"?

It is in times of stress that you discover what people really think and feel. We have just witnessed the Democrats under stress--and they have completely failed the test of compassion and humanity. Their rainbow coalition is a rainbow of hypocrisy

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