Friday, September 08, 2006


ShrinkWrapped has a great post up that analyzes political projection and externalization in the context of the 9/11 docudrama controversy. He concludes:
...the salient point to me is not the truth or falseness of the TV series but the effort to silence ABC. Not only is there is no awareness that the campaign they are running against the Disney Corporation is dangerous but they revel in their ability to use all the forces at their command to intimidate a media outlet. If Republicans did this, the howls of outrage would know no boudns, yet the Democrats, champions of civil liberties as they fancy themselves to be, propose censorship without a trace of irony.

A fundamental aspect of irony is its incongruence or discontinuity with what would normally be expected. In this case, as ShrinkWrapped notes, the Democrats have a certain image of themselves as champions of civil liberties--and the reality is that they--and most of the politically correct minions of leftist ideology-- represent the biggest threat to free speech in this country.

This pattern continues in that they see themselves as champions of the oppressed, when in fact, I have shown repeatedly that they have a vested interest in making sure that the oppressed stay oppressed and the policies that they support actually ensure that outcome.

Again, they also see themselves as patriots, when their behavior is anything but patriotic and instead--once again in incredibly ironic fashion-- they actively enable and encourage the enemy we are fighting.

The pattern of this irony is far too regular and repetitious to be a mere coincidence; and it represents a psychological self-delusion so pervasive and blinding, that even a child is able to see they not only are not wearing any clothes, but they haven't a clue how to put them on if they did.

Some argue that the political right suffers from pretty much the same affliction(though I would submit that they are not as far along the road to denial and projection and therefore represents the lesser evil) and that the time has come to say goodbye to both parties and start fresh. I can't really argue with that assessment.

The left and the Democrats are becoming increasingly dangerous; while the right and the Republicans are becoming increasingly clueless and ineffectual -- particularly to the extent that they adopt the left's tactics.

Meanwhile, if these two hapless political parties don't get their act together and stop the sectarian violence before it becomes another American civil war, then years from now, yet another docudrama will likely run on the 50th anniversary of 9/11.

UPDATE: "...a party that no longer has a grip on reality." Exactly my point.

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