Friday, September 22, 2006


Iran's leader comes to the UN and cynically uses the rhetoric of the left to pretend that he is a man of peace; promoting human dignity and freedom for all. The left is taken with his sweet hipster style, and the speaking invitations pile up. He is so persuasive, I guess, that France has seen the light. And Hugo Chavez, the junior partner in this UN-sponsored comedy routine, identifies the real impediment to world peace to thundering applause by the "unaligned" nations at the presentation; as well as to ovations by the persistently uncritical and morally bankrupt useful idiots in our own nation.

Oh, and the intellectually and rhetorically impaired Noam Chomsky is a best-seller again, as the adoring minions of the left seek to broaden the level of their cognitive impairment to meet the challenges of the 21st century!

How very iran-ic.

Meanwhile,Charles Krauthammer has this to say:
Religious fanatics, regardless of what name they give their jealous god, invariably have one thing in common: no sense of humor. Particularly about themselves. It's hard to imagine Torquemada taking a joke well.

Today's Islamists seem to have not even a sense of irony. They fail to see the richness of the following sequence. The pope makes a reference to a 14th-century Byzantine emperor's remark about Islam imposing itself by the sword, and to protest this linking of Islam and violence:

-- In the West Bank and Gaza, Muslims attack seven churches.

-- In London, the ever-dependable radical Anjem Choudary tells a demonstration at Westminster Cathedral that the pope is now condemned to death.

-- In Mogadishu, Somali religious leader Abubukar Hassan Malin calls on Muslims to "hunt down'' the pope. The pope not being quite at hand, they do the next best thing: shoot dead, execution-style, an Italian nun working in a children's hospital.

"How dare you say Islam is a violent religion? I'll kill you for it'' is not exactly the best way to go about refuting the charge. But of course, refuting is not the point here. The point is intimidation.

First, Salman Rushdie. Then the false Newsweek report about Koran-flushing at Guantanamo. Then the Danish cartoons. And now, a line from a scholarly disquisition on rationalism and faith given in German at a German university by the pope.

And the intimidation succeeds: politicians bowing and scraping to the mob over the cartoons; Saturday's craven New York Times editorial telling the pope to apologize; the plague of self-censorship about anything remotely controversial about Islam -- this in a culture in which a half-naked pop star blithely stages a mock crucifixion as the highlight of her latest concert tour.

In today's world, religious sensitivity is a one-way street. The rules of the road are enforced by Islamic mobs and abjectly followed by Western media, politicians and religious leaders.
Yes, shall we discuss irony, humor and its prominent absence in the muslim world?

Shall we briefly review the freedom and human dignity and tolerance that is paramount in Islamic culture right now? Or, the wonders of Islamic sharia law?

Shall we discuss the unholy alliance between the supporters of the 20th century's failed ideology and Islamic fundamentalism? A marriage of true minds, clearly.

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, ape of God; and Hugo Chavez, his suck-up sidekick, have become so very hip and cool since they clearly symbolize the distorted values and contradictory discourses that are leading the political left into the sewer of history-- even as they strut and preen about their inherent moral and ethical superiority.

Appearance and bling are everything to this morally bankrupt crowd, living on the sinister edge of modern life. Feeling good about themselves is the only absolute essential. Form routinely trumps substance, and substance means nothing if countered by passionate rhetoric. Truth may be easily distorted and twisted; and reality is a mere nuisance to be brushed away when inconvenient.

Yes, it's all very iran-ic indeed.

UPDATE: Good point:
It is as if the media jihad had it’s own 9/11, intent on killing what they hate, replete with the requisite deceit and pious claims of justification. All the while, the left dances with same joy and fervor in same way and with same celebration of equally dysfunctional Muslims that danced on 9/11.

The media, two bit academic hacks and left desperately want you to believe that these tin pot dicators and dysfunctional and dangerous lunatics that are playing with nuclear programs are sincere when they say, “we love Americans, we just hate your government.” We are civilized.” (notwithstanding this).

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