Thursday, September 14, 2006


I just read that Bush's poll numbers are up to 45%, and it occurs to me that once again the Democrats and members of the reality-based community have overplayed their hand--and their chances--in the upcoming midterm elections. They may indeed win a few seats here and there, but the giddy optimism we are seeing on the lefty blogs and the usual MSM hype doesn't seem justified by...reality.

I'm still trapped in a conference for most of the day, but here's a sympathetic ditty dedicated to Dems in Denial everywhere:


(The Democrats' Lament As Election Day Approaches)

Somewhere over the rainbow
In D.C.
There's a house we once lived in--
It's Bill Clinton's legacy

Somewhere over the rainbow
polls are forever blue
And winning back the White House dream
Really might come true

Today we'll wish upon a star
And hope Al Qaeda will stay far away from us
But if they don't we have no clue
of anything that we could do
To make them stay away from us

Somewhere over the rainbow
Moonbats flee
Since they flee over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't we?

Today we'll wish upon a star
And hope John Kerry never finds us
We're not so fond of Hillary;
And Al Gore's lively as a tree--
Let's put all three behind us!

Somewhere over the rainbow
We can win...
It would mean the whole world to us
How could that be a sin?

If happy little moonbats flee
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't we?

UPDATE: I'm sure many Dems will be weeping and wailing at this news.

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