Tuesday, September 26, 2006


You have to read this MEMRI piece to believe it: Iranian TV Report Exposes 'Zionist Companies'. Here's an excerpt:
"If only it were that simple... The Zionists are the largest shareholders in the world's drink manufacturers. They make hundreds of thousands of billions of dollars from this annually. This way, they export their colonialist schemes with this product, at no additional cost.

"Take, for example, the Pepsi drink. Do you know what Pepsi stands for? 'Pay Each Penny Save Israel.'"
"Well-known companies worldwide have Zionist investors. Coca Cola - besides its clear, continuous support of the Israeli government - had announced its willingness to invest billions of dollars to topple the regime of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

How can they even take themselves seriously, a reasonable person wonders?

The answers to those questions lie in the words spoken recently by Pope Benedict; words that outraged ost of the Islamic world community and sent them into a frenzy of hate and bizarrely contradictory behavior.

Wretchard has an excellent summary of an article by Lee Harris at the Weekly Standard that addresses Benedict's message:
In it, Harris examines Benedict's argument that we cannot abandon reason, even in approaching the unknowable; even in trying to understand God, whether you believe in Him or not. Otherwise all conceptions, even the most monstrous, are possible. To reject an abomination, we must have a reason. And to have a reason we must first acknowledge reason itself.

And there you have the answer. Because Islam and the leaders of Islam have rejected reason they have evolved into an abomination; a monster that worships fantasy and lives entirely in a delusional universe--one in which reason and truth have no value and no hold on the mind.

Just browse MEMRI for a bit to get a sense of the outrageous lies and distortions that pass as common wisdom in Islamic culture. Take a listen to their "scholars" discussing a "beautiful world" in which muslims are free to kill Jews just because; or contemplating how many infidels can be obliterated by a nuclear strike and have it please their blood-thirsty god.

Since they do not acknowledge reason; since they will not face truth--particularly about themselves; since they cannot live in reality; it is easy to understand why they have only violence, intimidation, and rage available to "persuade" the world to accept their fantasies.

As I said, they are an abomination.

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