Saturday, September 02, 2006


Over at ShrinkWrapped there are a series of wonderful posts by one of ShrinkWrapped's commenters, Owen Johnson. Johnson is a retired intelligence analyst, who offers up some compelling thoughts about why we should be optimistic about the war with Islamic totalitarianism.

Here are the links; go check them out.
Reasons for Optimisms:
Part I
Part II
Part III

One of my own commenters, Kohut/Kernberg thinks I am unduly pessimistic. On the contrary, I am quite optimistic that in the long-run this blight on human history will be thoroughly vanquished by the forces of freedom.

Instead, I would counter that I am incredibly angry that, because of so many clueless, ignorant, and overtly malignant leftists, it is likely that a lot of innocent people will end up dying before we finally get serious about the threat that confronts us.

That is a completely different thing.

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