Saturday, September 02, 2006


From PowerLine:
Liberals have been announcing the imminent Nazification of America for some years now, and the presumed embarrassment of nutballs like Keith Olbermann and Howard Dean...the dark night of fascism stubbornly refuses to fall. Not only has Bushitler refrained from rounding up liberals and putting them to the sword, the heady air of freedom has never been headier.

In many social circles, people not only dare to launch vicious attacks on the President, they risk ostracism if they fail to do so. It's not quite the repressive atmosphere that liberals were expecting. Are liberals setting up overseas bank accounts so they are ready to flee when the crackdown comes? Um, no. Indeed, liberals appear serenely confident that no adverse consequences will follow from their accusing the President of every crime known to humanity. They go happily about their business, secure in the knowledge that their hysterical attacks on the President are bullshit.

To date, President Bush has failed even to accuse his critics of a lack of patriotism, let alone imprison or behead them. This is not what has traditionally been characterized as fascism.

I am fairly certain, though, that their valiant struggle against the oppression of reality will go on unabated over the next several years.

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