Saturday, September 23, 2006


I should have posted about the Wallace-Clinton interview last night when it first came out, but got distracted. Here is the full transcript which is up at a nice lefty sight because they are ecstatic that he "blasted" Chris Wallace and Fox News.

But take a look at this Sandy Berger stuffed his pants with certain, probably incriminating, documents?

The war on terror is obviously--from his perspective anyway--all about him. And of course, his presidential "legacy".

A genuine adult might have responded to Wallace's question with something like this: "In retrospect it is now easy to see that there was a serious threat that we did not take as seriously as we should have. We did take some steps to address it, but they were not very successful; and there were missed opportunities. I regret that sincerely."

But we have to remember that Clinton was/is not a genuine adult. And while he is not the incarnation of evil that some have tried to make him, his administration will certainly not go down in history as a shining example of presidential prowess or capability or courage, but as a reflection of the self-absorbed obliviousness that was the hallmark of the U.S. at the time.

On the contrary, Clinton will be an historical footnote: "He [really] tried. But failed."

UPDATE: The Captain thinks we should give it all a rest, and I agree 100%. Probably the first person to shut up, however, should be Clinton, who has been trying to rescue his legacy for the last 6 years. He needs to softly and silently fade away.

UPDATE II: Osama was never scared of Bill Clinton(Fair Warning! Scatalogical musings on the purported demise of Bin Laden).

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