Thursday, September 07, 2006


Blue Crab Boulevard wants us to notice the difference between the reaction of the right to Fahrenheit 9/11 and the current hysteria of the left regarding The Path to 9/11.

I certainly don't remember President Bush having a temper tantrum on national TV regarding Moore's piece of propaganda, although it not only defamed him, it defamed his family.

Personally, I think the people who believed anything Michael Moore had to say about Bush and 9/11 were (and are) complete morons, but like Blue Crab Boulevard, I never thought the solution was censorship. Disagree all you want. Hate the miniseries and claim that it doesn't conform to the truth. Whatever.

The truth will exist independently of whatever you or I feel about it. I'm content to let history decide. I am not willing to let those who have an axe to grind make the determination. It is insulting to even have to listen to their hysteria. I can make up my own mind.

Censorship doesn't have any direct impact on critical thinking, after all. But, censorship does serve the function of making sure ideas that you don't like--facts that you don't want expose to reason, reality, and critical thinking--are eliminated from the public consciousness. In this regard, the Democrats and the outraged left have a style that is eerily similar to this guy.

That's what this brouhaha is all about. The left doesn't want to set the record straight--they want to purge it of ideas they don't like.

How progressive of them.

UPDATE: For the record (just to counter the emails I am sure to get), I don't hold with trying to suppress ideas from either the left or the right. So, you folks who might want to remind me of the Ronald Reagan miniseries that CBS pulled because of pressure a few years ago should back off. Frankly, to be perfectly honest, I don't think that Hollywood offers any special insight into reality; objectivity; or that people from that neck of the woods have much sense to begin with. Hence I factor that into my assessment of whatever I happen to be watching. I'm wondering how "Bubba" would react to a miniseries about him and Monica--or is that not something to be in the historical record either because it might impact his legacy?

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