Sunday, September 10, 2006


Ann Althouse is completely correct in her assessment:
How insanely repressive. You know, mainstream politicians really should worry about bloggers. Ironically, the bad judgment shown by bloggers here is about wishing for hardcore repression of speech, but free speech is our lifeblood!

Clearly Bill Clinton, Sandy Berger, Madeleine Albright and American Airlines have good cause to sue Disney/ABC, the BBC, Australian and New Zealand television, and any local affiliate that broadcasts the show. How can we further help their lawsuit? I think a first step is paying close attention in each country to how the show is being marketed. Get us copies of ads, promotions, etc. that show local broadcasters and others promoting the show as true and non-fiction. How else can we help their suit?

Oh, yeah, bloggers really ought to want to encourage lawsuits by public figures who think something inaccurate has been said about them. This is the worst case of myopia I've seen in my years of blogging. You guys are complete idiots.

Let me echo that, and shout it a little louder: YOU GUYS ARE COMPLETE IDIOTS.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention the psychological mechanisms involved--DISPLACEMENT and SPLITTING-- both of which allow these idiots (I am allowed to call them that because this is a deliberate, self-imposed psychological state to maintain their denial, delusion, and hatred ) to behave in this clueless and revolting manner with regard to a TV miniseries.

If only some of the wasted and counterproductive energy these morons are expending could be put to some good use in this war! Instead, they comfort themselves with the fantasy that they are "standing up for the truth". Give me a break. These people have been unwilling to face truth for some years now and have been desperately trying to pave a path back to 9/10--or even earlier to the magical, golden years of the perfect Clinton era (i.e., when they were in power).

Althouse clearly notes the presence of psychological displacement even in the title of her piece: "It's too late to decide to attack Bin Laden, so let's attack this TV show."

Displacement has been used to great effect by the political left to justify any kind of attack on the current administration; and there has been not one single action on the part of Bush that they have not hysterically attacked from the time the ruins of the twin towers stopped smoldering. Displacement is, in fact, the root psychological cause of the left's intense Bush Derangement Syndrome.

But let me digress a bit and discuss the second factor here, which is known as splitting. Splitting is the psychological process of dividing people in the world up into those who are all good; and those who are all bad. In the political arena this has taken the form of insisting that William Jefferson Clinton is an absolute saint, while George W. Bush is the equivalent of Hitler.

Anything that detracts from Clinton's sainthood is viciously attacked; and everything that promotes the idea of Bush's evil is promoted and celebrated.

For full disclosure, let me note that I happen to like and even admire Bush quite a bit and have written the reasons why; but I have never ever insisted that he is always right or even nearly perfect. Instead I see him as a fairly normal man who is dealing with abnormal circumstances with a degree of grace and fortitude.

On the other hand, I dislike Clinton and did almost from the first time he ran for national office because he struck me as just another political con artist who thought he was god's gift to women (Hillary's behavior toward her spouse has always been additional evidence supporting that perception).

I do not believe that Clinton is the epitome of evil and can even admit that he did some good things during his presidency. I was even sorry to see how much trouble he got into near the end of his presidency and the ridiculous behavior exhibited by both he, himself (the definition of "is" comes to mind; as well as the blatant lying), as well as those who sought to gain political advantage from his personality flaws. While I didn't agree with many of his policies and behaviors, the country survived him. I don't hate him--in fact, I feel nothing in particular for him-- and am looking forward to the day when he isn't constantly celebrated by the media for what I consider his essential mediocrity.

I am a psychiatrist, and I happen to be very good at what I do. I make character judgments all the time and trust my instincts about people. I certainly have made mistakes, but in the cases of both Clinton and Bush I have no doubt of the fact that neither is much of a saint; nor representative of pure evil.

What those who make Bush all evil and Clinton all good fail to consider is that there is no one to blame for 9/11 except the deluded religious fanatics who have decided to use terrorism as a tactic to achieve the implementation of their political and social ideology.

If you are looking for evil in all this, look no further.

Oh, and BTW, when I use the phrase "insanely repressive idiots of the left" it is meant as a term of endearment.

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