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Things seem to be getting out of hand with this story, which validates the title of this post. Scroll down for further updates.

According to media accounts there is a "chorus of condemnation" reverberating around the world to Pope Benedict's remarks the other day about Islam and violence (see here for the original speech, which is frequently quoted out of context).

Apparently there is also an "outbreak of fury" and violence accompanying the chorus. It seems that it is very politically un-correct to suggest that forced conversions to a religion are contrary to both God's nature and to reason itself.

SC&A note in their reasonable and measured way that:
It is clear for all to see that Islam, under they tyranny of dysfunctional leaders, has been reduced to a shell of itself. Where once truth was championed and sought, now Islamic leaders demand that even history be rewritten to accomadate the deliberate deceit or ignorance that the Islamic leaders perpetrate.

Nowhere do Islamic leaders, fostering the anti Rome frenzied hysteria, note that the Pontiff’s remarks that

…only by recognizing the “rationality of faith'’ do people “become capable of that genuine dialogue of cultures and religions so urgently needed today.'’

I think we can safely say that a "genuine dialogue of cultures and religions" is unlikely to occur considering that one of the cultures and one of the religions seems to be in a constant state of quasi-psychotic paranoid agitation. Having adopted the mantle of victimhood, muslims seem intent on demonstrating their persistent irrationality and the absurd lengths they will go to in order to remain in denial about what the increasingly fanatical adherents of their religion are doing around the world.

The litany of their complaints about how badly they are mistreated by the world grows daily. Benedict is just the most recent invocation in that insane litany.

It is laughable to witness the angry, violent demonstrations denouncing any suggestion that Islam is an angry, violent religion. It is hilarious to observe the wails of victimhood and oppression as Islam's religious leaders call for killing Jews and Christians; beheading those who insult Islam, even as their own rhetoric isn't so much insulting as it is directly threatening the rest of the world.

Michelle Malkin notes:
Guess what's on the best-seller list in "moderate" Turkey right now? Via AllahPundit and Gerald Augustinus:It's a hot-selling novel titled Papa’ya suikast (”Attack on the Pope”) which predicts that Pope Benedict will be assassinated in Istanbul.Which side will the West--and moderate Muslims--stand on?

Who will stand up and say without equivocation: "I support the Pope," she asks?

How in the world can any sane person take these people's complaints seriously? It is like trying to placate a paranoid and delusional patient by confirming that aliens have indeed planted a transmitter in their brain and that you, yourself, are one of the alien agents responsible for the state of affairs--just as they suspected.

Does anyone imagine that validating the delusion makes the paranoid less likely to act on their paranoia? Or that appeasement facilitates contact with reality in the deluded individual?

I will stand up and support the Pope. I will stand on the side of truth. And reason. And reality. And on the side of the forces of civilization--against this continued litany of insanity in the muslim world.

(LEFT) Muslim students in India burn an effigy of Pope Benedict in an effort to demonstrate how peaceful a religion Islam is in the 21st century.

(RIGHT) Other protesters indicate how a "genuine dialogue of cultures and religions" should be properly managed.

UPDATE: The NY Times wastes no time in adding to the litany, calling the Pope's words "provacative", "dangerous", and "tragic"; but failing to condemn the disproportionate response from the Islamic world.

UPDATE II: Oh yeah, this is so very adult and tolerant.

UPDATE III: The Anchoress sums it up nicely. History seems to be repeating itself...or at least rhyming. Allah has more.

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