Friday, September 08, 2006


Controversy continues to swirl around The Path to 9/11; and whether to permit audiences to make up their own mind about the series by actually watching it uncensored. An interesting piece detailing the facts (with sources) about one of the controversial scenes which are depicted in the docudrama -- and who, exactly, is lying about what can be found here (hat tip: OBH). The forces workingto prevent you from watching the controversial scenes and deciding for yourself whether they have a basis in reality or not appear to be winning.

Let's hear it for free speech, Democrat style.

Meanwhile, Senate Democratic leadership threatens Disney with legal and legislative sanctions if they dare to air the show. These are the same congressional Democratic leaders who attended and cheered the premier of Michael Moore's "documentary"; while the DNC collected money outside the film.

It occurs to me that the Democrats and the left can certainly dish it out, but they can't take it. They believe in free speech, as long as it is their own. They decry lies, except when they are the ones telling them. They question conservative and Republican motives all the time, but are unable to tolerate their own motives being questioned.

When it comes to free speech, they continually want to have their cake and eat it too. undermine the war and the brave men and women who are fighting it; and they don't want you to question their motives. Or their patriotism.

Well I do. I question their motives. I question their patriotism. I question their integrity. I question their honor. I question their honesty. I question their courage to stand up for what is right in the face of declining public support (due mainly to their efforts). I question their support for the troops. I even question their intelligence if they cling to the notion that somehow their unceasing public attacks and deliberate undermining of both the military and the commander in chief aren't enabling and encouraging the enemy,while putting our own soldiers in more jeopardy.

In fact, the only thing I don't question about them is their capacity for self-delusion.

I worry about their mental health. I really do. But of even more concern to me, I worry about my country's future under their pathetic leadership.

Personally, I don't believe for a moment that either the Democrats or the left really want to debate any issues; or that they have any desire to discover the truth.

The truth, as they know well, is not their friend. Just ask Sandy Berger why he stole those classified documents. Just ask Bill Clinton why he lied about Monica. Appearance is all to these people. Truth means nothing to them except as a thing to be manipulated and crafted as a neabs to optimize opinion polls (the only truth they know).

When confronted with opposing views that threaten their beliefs about theselves, they must obscure and distort; censor and threaten. And when all else fails they will always resort to physical and/or legal measures to force their point of view onto everyone else. Now they are on a rampage against a TV docudrama that threatens to expose the bankruptcy of some of their dearly held beliefs. In fact, it threatens to expose the most dearly held belief: the sanctity and holiness of the Clinton Administration.

From their behavior, it appears that they see this film as incredibly threatening to that precious image of themselves. History is to be sacrificed to that image, as is truth. Anything goes as long as people are prevented from even contemplating the enormous contributions of Clinton and his gang of clowns to the rise of Islamic terrorism prior to 9/11.

Tell me again, dear trolls, how these intellectual and moral cretins have this country's best interests at heart?

UPDATE: ABC may yank the entire series. What a coup that would be for the totalitarians of the left!

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