Monday, September 11, 2006


Since an anonymous commenter on the last post has seen fit to call me a "hatemonger" for choosing to focus on the left's paychological denial since 9/11; and since my email is running along similar lines, it occurs to me that I have hit a nerve that desperately needs to get hit. Not being someone to quit while I am ahead, I thought I'd continue to focus on that aspect of today.

In the 5 years since 9/11, we have heard promulgated just about every possible theory, from every possible font of leftist wisdom about the root causes of that horrible day.

Taken as a whole, the leftist theories add up to a compelling case of psychological denial, displacement, projection, and frank paranoia. The high levels of delusion and hysteria exhibited by the left since then should clue any reasonble person in to the fact that the events of that day were intensely threatening at a fundamental level to their ideology--hence the need to deny any thing of real importance occurred; or the need to find ways to blame it on the left's "real enemy of civilization" - George W. Bush.

But the events of 9/11 and its aftermath shattered an already-crumbling leftist dogma, and in the vacuum that resulted, a variety of sick conspiracy theories flowed in to shore up the foundation of that dogma--the belief that the U.S. is always in the wrong on every issue.

In May, 2004 by Robert Alt wrote a piece titled "The Liberals' Creed" which outlined some of the unquestioned religious beliefs of the liberal left. Since almost every aspect of the "creed" remain a fundamental part of the left's mantra to this day; and since the hyperreligiosity of their position-- which relies on feelings and emotions rather than facts or reason--eludes any attempt to be reasonable with them; and since their accusations are as persistent and repetitive as someone afflicted with Tourette's Syndrome-- I have taken the liberty of writing a "The Leftist's Creed on 9/11" (recited in unison) :

We believe that Bush, Cheney, and Republicans bear sole responsibility for 9/11;

We believe that the United States and its policies are responsible for making terrorists attack this country;

We believe that if we get rid of George Bush and the Republicans, we will once again be safe;

We believe that the people of America who supported those policies over the years (during Republican administrations) are little Eichmanns, and deserved to die on 9/11 ;

We are ready to believe (if the polls support thinking that way) that Bush and Cheney actually planned the events of 9/11 as a prelude to taking over this country, destroying our civil liberties; and instituting a fascist state.

We believe that Israel probably had a part in the events of 9/11, working with Bush and Cheney in some sort of neocon plot;

We believe that the only people who are innocent of 9/11 are the actual terrorists who plotted and executed it;

We believe that Bill Clinton and his administration had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11 and that, if Al Gore had won the 2000 election then 9/11 would never have happened;

We believe that anyone who disagrees with the above statement is trying to distort history and their views should be prohibited. Only we --and Michael Moore-- know the truth and should be heard.

We believe that Bill Clinton and Sandy Berger have never lied;

We believe that the most serious outcome of 9/11 is the Islamophobia and the unconscionable backlash that has victimized Muslims in the U.S.;

We believe that the greatest threat to freedom in this country occurs when images of 9/11 are used to further the warmongering plans of the Bush Administration;

We believe that all the rhetoric used by the Bush Adminsitration is pure evil, designed to manipulate people to hate; but that the rhetoric used by Iran and the fatwas of Al Qaeda are "only words" and should not be taken at all seriously;
We believe that the people who flew airplanes into buildings on 9/11 are reasonable people who you can trust, and with whom you can discuss reality;

We believe that the Bush Administration is irrational, unreasonble and certainly cannot be trusted; and that they are completely out of touch with reality.

We believe that Iraq had nothing--nothing--to do with 9/11 because Saddam Hussein and his lieutenants have clearly said so, and we believe and trust them.

We believe that the deaths of almost 3000 Americans on 9/11 is not a big deal; certainly doesn't deserve the disproportionate response that the Bush Adminsitration has taken in the last 5 years; and that the threat to the U.S. has been grossly overblown and manipulated so that the Bush Adminsitration and Republicans can accumulate political power.

We believe that our motives in saying all this are pure, holy, and extremely patriotic; because we have no desire to acquire political power for ourselves and that it is our selfless duty to make sure the American people accept our creed.

We believe this country has suffered horribly under George W. Bush,
whose policies have caused us to
descend into hell.

But in November, 2006 , we will rise from the dead.
and ascend into congressional heaven
and shall sit once again at the right hand of power
from whence we shall judge the current administration.

We believe in the perfection of the U.N.,
the communion of multiculturalism,
the victimhood of the oppressed,
the resurrection of a dead ideology,
and denial everlasting.


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