Monday, March 27, 2006


If you think that the editorial cartoon (hat tip: OBH) above is exaggerating, then check out how the media...

....Carefully edits what information the public sees and doesn't see to make sure it fits with their agenda. EXAMPLE

...Cheerleads every piece of bad news and every opportunity to make America and the U.S. military look bad; and steadfastly refuses to acknowledge that they are being manipulated by the enemy and have themselves become part of the story driving events. DISCUSSION HERE

...Shows their real agenda in every hostile question they ask. EXAMPLES DISCUSSED HERE

...Blames Bush for every overhyped problem and fails to give him any credit for any success -- like the economy. In fact, most of the time, they are trying to convince people that the economy sucks; and when they report positive economic news, they spin it like an act of God has occurred. TYPICAL EXAMPLE HERE

When real natural disasters occur, they spin those as if they are deliberate acts on Bush's part.

This is your MSM at work! Undermining a Republican administration; undermining the war; and undermining America.

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