Friday, March 10, 2006


I am very grateful to all my readers and for other bloggers for making the Carnival of the Insanities a popular destination every Sunday. It has grown beyond my wildest imaginings. That means that it has actually become a lot of work each week. I now routinely get 30 - 40 submissions in addition to the various links I collect during the week.

This is good! This is great! But it means that sometimes a particular submission doesn't "fit" well into the Carnival for that week. I don't always have a theme, but I try to put similar topics together--or else just free associate as I organize them. That results in some getting left out because I try to keep the Carnival down to a manageable number of links each week.

I am particularly partial to any submissions that:
(1) come in early in the week and not on Saturday night, when I have pretty much orgranized that Sunday's list;
(2) have a funny, ironic, or really crazy aspect to them
(3) are not too obscene
(4) have an amusing twist to them (amusing to me, at least)
(5) are completely unfair and/or unbalanced in some manner

I don't care for submissions that:
(1) are mean-spirited or vile (unless they happen to be my own posts)
(2) aren't at all amusing in any way, shape, or form that I can see
(3) cover a topic that has already been beaten to death in previous Carnival of the Insanities

So, what I'm trying to say in a roundabout way is that I appreciate your submissions and will continue to try to use as many as possible each week; but please don't be offended if one of your submissions don't make it into the Carnival.

The deadline is listed as Saturday at 8 PM, but the earlier you send in a post, the better; and it has a better chance to be included for that week.

Thanks again for all the interest, and keep sending those insanities my way!

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