Tuesday, March 28, 2006


The Anchoress, reporting on the disappearance of Abdul Rahman after his release and the hysterical fanatics who are continuing to demand his death for converting to Christianity:
Yeah, yeah, Death to Christians, Death to Jews, Death to cartoonists, Death to gays, Death to unveiled or “dishonorable” women, Death to the West. Death to all who don’t agree with us! Death, Death, Death - that’s all these people know. Maybe it’s because they know so little about loving life?

In point of fact, they know nothing about life. They know nothing about loving, for that matter. These fanatics are so frightened of life; so frightened of individuality; of choice; so frightened of even thinking; that they may as well be the animals they have become. The insecurity and malignant narcissism that is the hallmark of a severely damaged and perverted self simply oozes from their being.

They have willingly abdicated their humanity. In a post titled Union with an Evil God, I earlier discussed some of the psychological dynamics of this sort of religious ecstasy in the context of a suicide bomber--but it is equally applicable to the homicidal maniacs of Islam:
I wonder if in his [the suicide bomber's] religious ecstasy experience there is room for a consideration of the possible pain of his victims?

Probably not. The essence of religious ecstasy occurs when one's Self is perfectly united to the elusive omnipotent object of one's infancy; and this fusion has little room in the crowded psyche for the consideration of of those outside the fusion. It is just one's own pathetic little Self and God.

Usually, this is not so bad as experiences go; and many who are caught up in this incredible ecstasy are led to new understanding and appreciation of their own humanity; their Self is strengthened and renewed; and they may feel a benevolence and peace toward all other human beings. Fusion with a benign and caring god can even provoke monumental spiritual changes for the good in some individuals.

But this is not the case when one unites with a brutal, bloodthirsty, compassionless god like Allah the "Merciful".... The Allah of the gentleman quoted in the article above is hardly benign and demands not only your death, but that you commit murder in his name. The perfect union is still perceived ecstatically, even if the Self undergoes medieval torture; for it is still the desired Oneness that the developing Self lost early on in life. Allah the omnipotent object remains omnipotent--just evil-- and the result is a profound loss of humanity and a rejection of the good.

Hence the daily spectacles we see of Islam's best and brightest blowing themselves up; persecuting infidels wherever they find them; and oppressing 50% of their own muslim population. That is, when they aren't killing each other for imperceptible (to anyone else) "deviations" in Islamic thought.

It is certainly understandable that anyone in the culture or country where such religious activities happen regularly; with a shred of sanity and goodness in their hearts; and who still possessed the ability for independent, rational thought, would seriously consider this option, despite its drawbacks. As The Anchoress suggests, The Islam practiced by these holy people is not so much a religion as it is a cult of death worshippers.

At least being a Christian or a Jew and becoming one with God or Jehovah is not fundamentally incompatible with life, freedom, dignity, and compassion for one's fellow humans.

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