Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Dymphna at the Gates of Vienna would like us not to forget the ongoing persecution of women under Islamic law. She cites several cases from Iran, that should have the feminist world buzzing with outrage and protesting up a storm; but which--as is par for the course-- is under their radar:
The first is an 17 year old young woman named Nazanin who was out walking with her niece and their respective boyfriends in March, 2005. The two girls were set upon by three men. When the men began stoning the girls, the boys ran away. Injured from the stones, the girls were dragged to the ground and Act II, the rape, began. Nazanin managed to get out a knife she carried to protect herself from attacks. She stabbed her rapist in the chest and he died from the wound. So, of course, Nazanin now faces execution for this act of self-defense. She was sentenced in January, 2006, though the date of execution isn’t certain.

Read the entire post. Dymphna proposes sainthood for real victims of oppression like Nazanin. But the women's movement is too busy worshipping false goddesses, and whipping up faux outrage on university campuses; and have no words to spare in defense of the Nazanins of the world.

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