Monday, March 06, 2006

Ahmadinejad to the World: R.I.P.

I wonder if you can sing, "Islam, Islam Uber Alles" in Arabic?

Here's the article that documents more of the grandiose ranting of Iran's president:

Islam will soon be the domineering force in the world, placing first in the number of its followers among all other religions. Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad expressed this confidence here at the end of his state visit to Malaysia.

Following a meeting with Sultan Jamalullail I, the supreme head of the federation of nine states where Islam was proclaimed the state religion, he pontificated: “The world will be in the hands of Islam over the next few years.”

According to the president, history “convincingly shows the force of the Islamic religion, aimed not at quashing other peoples, but at serving peace and quietude”.

I wondered if the word "domineering" was a Freudian slip, as opposed to using "dominant"? Or, perhaps it was quite deliberate? What history convincingly shows is that Islam has been spread by brutally ruthless military conquest. My own instant association to the idea of Islam "serving peace and quiet" brought to mind a massive cemetary covering the globe.

This image may be exactly what Ahmadinejad has in mind for the world.

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