Thursday, March 02, 2006


Here is a gentleman who has learned some very important things in the last 15 years. (hat tip: The Corner). You would do well to read what he has to say.

Why can't we have people with this kind of maturity in Congress? All we seem to get are the self-aggrandizing narcissists and hysterical, angry opportunists.

I especially like this lesson:

-Muddle through

I've never seen a self-help book with this advice, but really it's some of the best advice I can give somebody going through a difficult stretch. Sometimes the absolute best you can do isn't that pretty, or elegant, or graceful, or frankly all that inspiring. When you're in one of those stretches, stop worrying about it. Nobody else could do that much better in your position either.

Of course, everyone thinks they can do better. Or, how about this:

-You never anticipate the really bad stuff

Think of all the old Twilight Zone episodes that had a post-World War III theme. Now think of all the episodes with a big-jetliner-smashing-into-a-skyscraper theme. We tend to worry about a lot of things that never happen, and let ourselves get blindsided by reality.

Good advice that I charge a lot of money to give to people every day. Just think! If everyone had this kind of adult perspective and appreciation of reality--who would need psychiatrists to help them cope with life?

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