Friday, March 03, 2006


Baron Bodissey and Dymphna at Gates of Vienna have put together an incredible map of all terrorist attacks in the world since 9/11. This herculean effort maps out the bloody borders of Islamic terror, and is rightly named the Bloody Borders Project.

From Dymphna:
Of particular interest to Gates of Vienna are the cultural clashes which Islam has created as it comes up against whatever it considers “foreign”. Think of it as a kind of cultural spontaneous combustion. This has been a perennial problem for Islam, one which was resolved in its favor several times through brute force, before the gradual decline of the Muslim world. Were it not for petroleum, Islam might have vanished. Now, however, its more powerful tribes float on a sea of luxury while the “Arab street” wallows in its own uncollected garbage.

At the moment, in early 2006, Islam’s infiltration of other cultures, its demand for the dhimmification of others, and its absolutist and utopian visions, have created a long fault line of chronic bloody terrorism.

The Baron's goal was nothing less than to represent graphically the geography and the intensity of the violence on these “bloody borders.” He states:

Seeing the worldwide sweep of the Islamist enterprise makes it evident that the attacks on the United States, despite their unprecedented horror, were but a minuscule piece of the enormous mosaic of Salafist terror. The terror masters have established their first beachheads in the West — more so in Western Europe than the United States — but their murderous ideology had long since become a way of life in many other parts of the world.

Looking at the these maps helps to broaden the view of anyone accustomed only to mainstream media reports of terror attacks. The violence in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Israel is very clear — Iraq has the highest concentration of terror since late 2003 — but much of the rest of the world endures a quotidian brutality that is scarcely mentioned in the Western press.

The map is like an whole body MRI scan of the planet, demonstrating the metastases of a particularly virulent form of cancer.

Thank you Dr. Bodissey for reminding us how sick the patient really is.

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