Tuesday, March 07, 2006


It's time for Dr. Sanity to practice a few touch and go's around the mental health blogsphere--or "psychosphere" if you prefer! What follows are some of the topics my fellow mental health professionals are blogging about.

Dr. Helen tackles a tough question: Do schools have jurisdiction over kids on the internet? She's also busy podcasting about cardiac health.

What happens when nutritional myths and Christian myths collide? Assistant Villiage Idiot explains!

Flying over to Gagdad Bob's hangout, I will have to touch down quickly to avoid the pithy zingers and near-lethal puns that regularly spring forth from his enirons. Bob is currently discussing the evolution of cosmic narcissism and speculating whether the universe might be a fractal torus.

Shrinkette is getting better from a corneal abrasion--she can almost see her blog now! Get well soon.

ShrinkWrapped discusses the tragedy of narcissism, or what's are parents to do when the entire future for their child rests on getting them into the right pre-school? A tragedy indeed.

Are the left acting out a childhood dynamic in their "Blame America" tendencies? That topic is discussed at neo-neocon and she raises some excellent points.

SC& A have a series of fabulous posts, so just keep scrolling! GM's Corner is talking about academic reform (and while you are there, go to the main page and hit the "Fight On" button to support GM's treatment).

Our last stop before leaving the psychsphere is psychpundit, who informs us that the human brain has been surpassed as the most powerful computer on the planet! Fascinating stuff!

There you have it folks! A few touch and go's around the psychsphere....Enjoy!

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